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I'm not on here much anymore, sorry. I've had a slump of TLK art. Feel free to check out my off-topic art at

I don't always respond to comments, mainly because I'm bad with words. Just know that I do read them and they give me warm fuzzies and it feels really good to have other artists on here tell me they like my art (or when they critique it). I really appreciate your comments.

If you want to draw any of my characters or expand on any theories I put forth or anything like that, feel free. This is a fan-art site, after all. All I ask is that you send it to me some time.

I am open for trades/requests, just so ya know. Feel free to ask, because I will most likely say yes (there will be times when I'm just not up to it, but it can't hurt to ask).

That's about it. Enjoy your stay in my gallery!

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Hey there!
Stuff about me...uh...I'm bad at this.
I'm currently a senior in high school. I'm a band nerd (Go trumpets! Woo!) I love Lion King (well, duh! that was a given), Star Wars, science-fiction, animal stories (Watership Down is AMAZING), and lots of other stuff. I've been drawing for forever, but started really drawing Lion King stuff about 5 years ago. I use Photoshop Elements (too cheap to get the full-fledged program), MS Paint, and traditional pencil (or pen) and paper.
Um...that's about it. Enjoy your visit to my gallery!
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