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12:59 Wed 11/6/2013
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Joined Apr 6, 2005
First Upload Aug 25, 2009
Latest Upload Nov 6, 2013
Age/Birthday May 26, 1992 (age 25)
Gender Female
Location The Netherlands, Noord-Holland
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Website http://psychara.deviantart....
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Hello. :)
I'm Mara,
from the Netherlands.
I'm already an artist here since 2005, but I deleted my old work (2005-2007 known as Kara) because it's horribly ugly. Not saying my new work is nice, but I'm trying to improve alot. :)

I also have an DeviantArt account, ADD?

You always can ask for an art trade, but I'm not doing requests. :)

22:26 Mon 4/22/2013
You're from the Netherlands? That's soooo COOL XD Ive wanted to learn another lang. but cant! Do you think you could help a little? Dutch seems neat (maybe a few NEED to know words)

11:43 Mon 11/5/2012
Cool stuff you got here! Love it!

23:54 Thu 11/17/2011
Hello,Psychara! I noticed that you have three adoptable cubs on the TT,and I was wondering: I want all three of them xD I drew pics for all three,and I'll scan them in as soon as possible.You don't have to let me adopt them all,you can just let me adopt one,or two,but I really love their designs :) Please just reply back as soon as possible to tell me if I can adopt all three once I upload the pics...or not.

22:17 Sat 10/8/2011
Blazing Black Mage
I miss you. :c

12:33 Mon 4/19/2010
Hey Psychara
Haha another Psych! ^^ Love the name XD
Sorry if it looks like I copied your name :/ psychelle's the name of my cat!
I love your art<3 It's so awesome and neon! *faves*

14:28 Fri 3/26/2010
I love your art! *fave* You make such wonderful characters, and your fursona is so awesome (mostly because I love black and yellow :PP). C:

Feel free to check out my page and pop a comment!! ^^

20:45 Mon 3/8/2010
hiyas! its me again, this time i am applying for your really fuzzy lion =) i want him to be a the brother of the last one i adopted from you, i have to wait for the site to okay him, here he is on my DA account

21:11 Mon 2/22/2010
Kalahari Meerkat
I really like your art.

14:07 Tue 2/9/2010
You have a lot of budding potential!

11:47 Sun 1/17/2010
Hi there! hey! i thinkur arts really awsome, and i love the way you do scars!^^ ahahah so cant wait to see more! XD

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