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I've gone by Reqi and Lizeera on TLKFAA. Find me on deviantart at preimpression.

<b>Brian: Thank you for auto-acceptance.</b><br>

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I am Uri.

00:53 Wed 7/20/2011
Hi there! :D nice gallery you've got here! I was applying for the adoptable you've got on the tt, but i have to wait for my application to be approved here, and i had to resize it so its really small x3 so anyway here is my application for her: didnt want ya to pick a winner without me xD and her hooves arent actually pink, they were brown and then i accidentally made them pink with the shading, so just to let you know they wont actually be pink if i get her ^^; thanks!

09:54 Mon 7/11/2011
Just dropped by to say how amazing your artwork is!
Also,could we do an art trade?You can choose which character of mine you want to draw.If we can,can you tell me which character to draw,please?I'll take forever deciding on a character to draw.Thanks,and let me know!

16:34 Sun 7/10/2011
Kawaii Neko
Hey Lizeera ! Remember me ?
If you don't remember me, I remember you, lol.

22:10 Thu 6/2/2011
Hey Lizeera! Long time no talk. Are you still roleplaying? i tried to get to Stray Oblivion but it won't work!
Aloha, Syd

22:12 Fri 12/4/2009
hey! I saw you applied for my adoptable. Try to get the picture(s) in my art trade and requests as soon as you can, please!!!!

15:08 Thu 10/15/2009
Thanks so much for adding me to your favorite artists list!! I really appreciate it. Very cute art, btw. ^^

12:05 Sun 9/27/2009
Why didn't I win the cubs contest? The green thing in Bindi's mouth was only a long blade of grass!

10:33 Fri 9/25/2009
hi i saw ur fursona contest and im just waiting for approval and a char that might fit ur discription just tell me if u want her

16:58 Thu 9/24/2009
I'm still kinda new here, and the list you have in your artist comments, for the 100 picture challenge, do you have to title each picture those things? I don't know much about it and i'm interested in it. thanks.

EDIT: um tell me if you ever ever ever want to get ride of Clairance "Fly Boy" cuz i'm basically in love with him!!!

02:44 Wed 8/19/2009
You still owe me your half of the trade.

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