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<center><b>Hi! I'm back from long break!</b></center>

Trades and requests closed for now.
<b>Commissions open!!!</b>

For more commission info you can go <a href="">here</a>;

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Well, I'm very glad that I found this precious site!^^
What can I tell you about myself: I'm crazy dreamer and lazy student, very naive and kindly... And I like drawing, gush, I LOVE IT so much! Drawing is my life! I..I love my country, and my University, and... and my friends.
I HATE people, which misunderstands me, and hates me too. I hate only this, I think, 'cause misunderstandig - the worsest, nastyest thing in my life.
But, I hope, that you,guys will understood me and my little arts! ^^
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