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<font color= steelblue>Hello TLKFAA! My name is Polaris and you've come to my 'lil corner of TLK fandom. I'm open for collabs and I will post more art soon!


<b>Requests: Open -I only take five at a time-
Trades: Closed
Collaborations: If I'm on, then sure!</b>

<b><u>Things to do:</b></u>

Work on lioness and cub lineart
Finish my requests
Upload canon pictures *gasp*

Here's to my 13 fans and the invisible ones! I luff you all!*pokes them* Be visible!


<b>I'm only going to have time to take 5 requests at a time due to school, life, etc. Plus I'm a firm believer in procrastination. XD<br></b>

<u>Slot 1-</u> Rune (Secret)- Henna <b>FINISHED</b>
<u>Slot 2-</u> Brego Greeneye- James & Demurral
<u>Slot 3-</u> Coal Chaser- Fursona
<u>Slot 4-</u>Simbagirl1101
<u>Slot 5- </u>Ravenwolf- Maugrim

As much as I hate MIDIs. Please do not hesitate to turn it off if you feel compelled to.

The song you are listening to is "Once Upon a December" from the movie <i>Anastasia</i>.

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