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Hello!! Thanks for thing the time to visit my gallery. I'm Pippi, and I come from Australia, baby!!

No, I don't ride kangaroos to school, and yes, I do love Vegemite. In my book, savory stuff is a million times better than sweet food.

I'm a book nerd, and a Lion King fanatic (whose art shall someday be good...hopefully!) and I am also easy to talk to. I promise I don't bite!! So if you'd like to do a trade or collab, all you need to do is ask - so shoot me an email, k?

Since you're still reading, I will continue my ramble.

If you have any tips for me on how to improve my works, PLEASE TELL. any help is much appreciated.

I draw on an iPad, but hopefully not for long!! My birthday is up and coming, so I'm hoping for an art tablet!! Also, in case you're interested, the app I use is Sketchbook Pro.

:) again, thanks for visiting!! I'd love to work with you sometime!

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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my gallery, hope you like my art! Sorry I don't upload much, my Internet is a little stuffy, and my iPad doesn't upload directly.

Yes, I draw on my iPad, and I use Sketchbook Pro to draw my pictures.

Email me for trades. I'm totally email-reliant.

Please please please send me any good links to help me learn to draw torsos and paws. I'm hunting solo, so some help would be completely and utterly appreciated.

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