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Hello everyone!

I am Peridotkitty, a feline enthusiast. Well, i wasn't for a while but now i'm so into them again. I can't seem to keep myself away from the lion king '^_^ I watched it and that was it...I HAD TO DRAW!!!
I love designing characters and illustrating the little stories that pop into my head. I have a deviant art page which is my all drawings site :) Just look for Peridotkitty.

Ta Ta

Requests:Closed (for now)
Trades: Open
LaPointe - Done
Shebu - Done
WhiteKitty09 - Not started, Waiting for their half
Apollo12 - Not started, Waiting for their half
Astro - Not Started, Waiting for their half
yakual - Not started, Waiting for their half

Commissions: Open
Just email me for a price list :)

A great big kitteh hug to my <b>178</b> fans <3

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I left TLKFAA a while ago, but now I'm back.

I've been drawing digital art for about 3 years now, and I started by drawing lions :)
I owe all my art skills to this website and its users. If it hadn't been for this site i wouldn't of improved and wouldn't be where i am today.

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