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2017-05-22 14:19:50.0
love this family so much!

I was listening to We are Family by Keke Palmer from the Ice Age: Continental Drift. I just thought it fit so well!

You have Timon who is the adoptive father of Simba, which makes him Kiara and Kion's adoptive grandpa. Pumbaa who is the uncle (since he and Timon have a brotherly relationship) that Simba never had, which makes him the adoptive great uncle to Kion and Kiara. And Bunga is Simba's cousin/brother since he's the adopted nephew of Timon and Pumbaa plus they have a brotherly bond. Which also makes Bunga kind of like an uncle of Kion and Kiara too XDD
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2017-04-11 01:24:09.0
I can see Simba being close friends with Beshte's dad, Basi.

Simba and Basi planned out a night relaxing at the river together.

Simba: Kion, quit squirming...
Kion: I wouldn't have to squirm if you weren't hugging me so tightly. I don't think we could get any closer dad...
Simba: Nonsense! I'll just hug you tighter and tighter and tighter bud!
Kion: I might pop if you do that...
Simba: Heheh
Beshte: *sniffles* I love how close you two are. It reminds me of how close me and my dad are. Right dad?
Basi: *chuckles* That's right. Except unlike Simba I don't try to squeeze the life out of my kids from my affections. But still it is the thought that counts. It just shows he has lots of love to share.
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2017-03-20 14:03:17.0
Kind of a continuation of this old thing:

Kion starts to blame himself for not getting to his father fast enough, a week after the incident when Simba fell into the sinkhole.

Simba: Kion! There you are! Everyone's been looking for you, what happened to you? Are you alright buddy?

Kion: I-it's my fault...

Simba: Hm? What's your fault?

Kion: That you got badly injured that day in the sinkhole. I'm supposed to protect everyone in the pridelands and yet I couldn't even protect you..

Read the rest here:
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2017-03-19 20:09:58.0
Simba giving his love to his babehs. He really likes holding his children captive.

Also, I started liking the thought of Simba calling Kion Bud/buddy sometimes. Just like how he calls Kiara his princess. ^^
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2017-02-26 12:24:55.0
Simba may be a responsible king and father but there's a difference of how he portrays himself in front of his family and friends (He's a bit of mess, since he still keeps part of his hakuna matata life style) to how he portrays himself in front of any one else.

Read dialogue here:
1350 x 1931
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2017-02-20 19:39:50.0
-The Betrayal-
Read dialogue here:

-Nala talking to her fat mate Simba-

-Kiara catching Simba eating more than he should-
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2017-02-19 23:29:51.0
More of Timon, Simba, Ma, and Uncle Max. ^^ I'm working on more Pumbaa and Simba interactions too.

-Timon catching Simba before he's able to sneak off-
Simba: How did you get ahead of me so fast?
Timon: I have my ways kid.

-Timon and Uncle Max having a sentimental moment-

-Timon being all lovey dovey after Simba calls his papa-
Timon: He said it! I couldn't believe it! He actually sees me as a father figure!
Pumbaa: Yes Timon I was there the whole time!

-Uncle Max hogging Simba from Timon-
Read dialogue here:
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2017-01-25 18:06:30.0
No Such thing as too much Love..

But Simba..sometimes you come on too strong

Nala: Simba please don't suffocate the kids again...
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2017-01-23 18:10:15.0
Haha I love Simba being a lovable goofball of a father XD the interactions between him and Kion are fun!

Somebody help Simba....
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2017-01-22 00:44:22.0
A very quick sketch that I did.
Sometimes it feels like in The Lion Guard, they forget lions can be as dangerous as any other carnivore XD you wouldn't like them when they're hungry.

I actually think it would be cool to see an episode where Kion and the Guard have to stop Simba and Nala from eating one of their new friends.
1495 x 1144
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2017-01-19 21:43:05.0
Finally drew a picture of these two getting along for once ^^ I'm going to do a Nala and Kiara version too!
1525 x 1426
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2017-01-13 22:14:42.0
Working on more tlk doodles for practice ^^

First we have cub Simba and Nala. And Nala messing with Simba a bit on his weight XD

A cranky Simba with Timon

And finally Pumbaa and Nala together. Looking for Timon and Simba who seemed to have vanished.
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2017-01-11 17:16:03.0
Kiara: Dad? So you were the one digging holes all over the pridelands...?
Kion: Care to explain dad?
Simba: see...c'mon I was raised by a meerkat. Digging was kinda fun when I was growing up in the jungle.

Kiara and Kion found out another one of their father's hobbies XD First, mud bathing like a warhog now this...
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2016-12-26 22:48:36.0
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2016-12-10 01:47:30.0
Kion and Kiara are not getting along with their parents as cubs XD

Simba: Uh what are you doing?
Kion: I was..gonna hug you? What's wrong?
Simba: Sorry I don't think I like you enough to hug you like that.
Kion: But I thought-
Simba: What you think everyone that you like is gonna give you a hug or something...conceited.
Kion: B-but...(Dad..I don't understand. You used to love me so much...)

Kiara: Mom can we please play something else? I'm already covered in enough bruises and scratches and I have a headache
Nala: But pinning is my favorite game! Maybe if you keep trying you'll get the pin on me.
Kiara: Yeah..right...
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2016-12-07 22:49:34.0
Read the whole dialogue here

The Hakuna Matata Trio lives on!!
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2016-11-22 02:44:17.0
More of Simba and his babies Kiara and Kion!

1st pic. -Bunga torturing his "Big brother" with a leech.

2nd pic. Kiara finding out that her friends Zuri and Tiifu aren't that comfortable being around her dad.

3rd pic. Kiara and Kion are trying to get help from grandpa Timon after hiding from Simba.

You can read the short dialogue here
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2016-11-16 19:43:23.0
Simba interacting with his mate and kids.

Simba and Kion- (Simba took Kion fishing with him for the day and he wanted to get a closer look at the fish so he stuck his head underwater. Kion started to doze until he noticed his dad hadn't come back up yet and thinks that he might have drowned which causes him to panic)
Kion: *pants* almost gave me..a heart attack...
Simba: Sorry son I didn't know you would freak out like that. I was fine the entire time.
Kion: Maybe next time you should tell me that you're able to hold your breathe underwater for a whole 5 MINUTES!
Simba: *winces* Yeah..that would have prevented this. My bad.

read other short story info here

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2016-11-15 17:22:43.0
Doodles of Daddy Simba with his babies Kion and Kiara

Simba and Kiara-
Simba: Timon said WHAT about my diving skills?...Hold on Kiara, I'll be right back. Daddy needs to go give your meerkat grandfather a word..
Kiara: Alright dad I'll meet up with you later...unless I'm allowed to come and watch?
Simba: Sure princess!

Simba and Kion-
Simba: C'mon Kion llllluuuunch tiiiiime!!
Kion: Dad..but the lion guard isn't done training yet!
Simba: You can train after you eat. Your mother doesn't like it when you're late plus we can't start eating until everyone's present. So you're keeping me from eating.
Kion: Give me a few more minutes.
Simba: Hmmm....... Lunch Time.

Simba giving Kiara and Kion his ultimate snuggles!
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