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<font size="5"color="ff6000">Welcome to my gallery!</font>

I've been on tlkfaa for a very long time, 2007 or so, but unfortunately I haven't been active in like.. four or five years.
I intend to change that! I'll be trying to upload more often in the coming months :3

For my non-TLK art check out my website and other social media galleries/blogs:

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Sept. 9, 2015
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Nov. 21, 2011
Nov. 21, 2011

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Joined Sep 12, 2007
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I'm Sonja, otherwise known as Pan or Panimated. I'm an animation graduate, so I guess technically I'm a professional animator?
I've been on TLKFAA since 2007, although I haven't been active since... 2009 I think? I want to change that!
TLK was one of my initial inspirations for starting on my path to become an animator, so... It's a big part of my inspiration. I want to honour that!

For my non-TLK art check out my website and other social media galleries/blogs:

Sept. 14, 2015
Congratulations on winning the contest, Pan!

Sept. 12, 2015
Sukala A.P.
Hello, Panimated!

Just dropping you a comment to tell you that... you are amazing. ;)

I just realized I didn't introduced myself yet! O.O

Well, I am Sukala, but you can call me Sukie, Suka, Ani, a banana-brained girl or anything you'd like! ;3

It's been years that i've stalked you (in TLKFAA only :P), but I still do, today. ;3

I guess that's all I have said. :P Have a great day! ^^

Aug. 25, 2015
coincidence.... I think not.
Ku is just a shortened version of my old name here ^^
(my name before it was _Kuna_, the blanks because someone took the name already xD)

You may call me Ku, Kuna, Nat, or Carl :3
Sorry for the comment, but I felt like answering this question for you ^^

edit: Thank you ^^
yeah true, but sometimes I do feel I am bothering by leaving comments so often like I do to people xD
Oh, you got a new fan by the way, I like how nice you actually seem to be, it's refreshing to me ^^
You also have quite some impressive art and animating skills! I look forward to much more :D

anyway, have a nice day/night (whichever)
I will be seeing you around :)

Nov. 11, 2012
Um...... About your movie, is it ok for people to watch if they don't like "Be prepared" or "My lullaby"? I know those songs were not Child friendly. If it goes past those I refuse to voice but it goes under those I probably won't mind :) I am interested in voice, and I can't go to Youtube, but I could upload the voies here :)

Dec. 26, 2011
Butterfly Lion
Hey there, I was thinking about auditioning for Eusebia, but I have a question. You said you wanted an american, but I am english so would that be okay? I mean, I could try an american accent and see how it goes but I don't know. Also, at the moment I don't have a good quality mic, but my mum said that if I were to get the role, she'd buy me one, so for the audition the sound quality might be a little bad.

Nov. 15, 2011
Hey there! I saw your bulletin. Your project is pretty interesting.

I am an inexperienced animator/writer/3d modeller, but I can defend myself. Need help in any fields?

Nov. 11, 2011
hey, i saw your bulletin- i would LOVE to voice act for you!! please keep me updated so I know how to audition :)
your art is beautiful, btw... *favs*

EDIT: nevermind, just sent my audition ^^

Nov. 10, 2011
Wow this is so cool I really would like to audition for Abeo shes a really inspiring char :) i love your art so we just record ourselves saying the lines and send the files to your email?

Nov. 10, 2010
Wolf 777
hey Panther Wolf 777 here but you can call me Wolfie if you want i don't mind :) you have great art keep it up, if you want pop over to my gallery and feel free to comment on my pics i would love to hear from you :) keep up the Awesome artwork, from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

Oct. 22, 2009
Great animations <3

If I may ask... which year are you currently at in school? Just curious cause you're really good XD

EDIT: Media... Cool! You're at college then?

And LOL at the Flash and Photoshop complicated stuff XD

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