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Welcome to my tiny gallery, all comments are appreciated, bad or good :D

*Acceping art trades and requests if im in the mood :) pref email me if your interested but user comments is fine, but I do forget to check them*

Thank You for coming here and hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment as they are much appreciated :) Thank Yall


* Reach 25 Fans - :) *check*
* Reach 50 Fans - :) *check*
* Reach 100 Fans - :(
* Reach 150 Fans - :(
* Reach 200+ Fans - :( One can only dream
* Get AOTM - :(One Can only Dream Yet again
* Do 25+ Trades - :(
*Become a millionare - :( *sigh*
*Marry a Rich good looking man - :( *sigh*
*Go to Disney World Florida - :( Im a deprived child!

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Location In a Flat in Worcestershire - England - UK
Occupation Animal / Grounds Keeper on a Holiday Farm
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Hey everyone! Thanks for viewing my profile....

I guess you want to know a little bit about me as you've clicked on my profile
well I shall make it sweet and simple for you all as I know how painful it is reading lots of stuff.

*cough* My Names Pandemonium however it can be shortened to Pan or Panda if you wish. I'm now 21 years old (:( wish I was younger *sigh*) and have been drawing seriously since I was about 16 really.
The first artist I found was J.C (look her up she's awesome) and I was amazed that you where able to draw on computers and became entranced, and she bought me to this sight and I was taken away and have been on here ever since :)
I love animals and currently work on a Children's Holiday Farm looking after donkeys n Sheep n stuff.
I live In Bromsgrove - Worcestershire- England.
Lions are my Favourite land animal and i love drawing them.
I have a very small DA account my names panemonium on there (no D) spelt it wrong when I signed up lolz. I have just started to draw humans as I'm rubbish at them butr practice makes purrfect.

I'm always happy to speak to people, and are always willing to do trades.

Anyways that's all :D

now go back to viewing other peoples gallery's before I bite you!! ^^
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