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I hate TLKFAA anymore.

Some of you guys are ok, but whatever.

Stupid trolls.

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About Meh:

Me: Um...Well. I Was born as a small child in-...

Random Person: NOT THAT EARLY

Me: oh. ok...XD

Well, my dad was an abuser-rapist-drug dealer-..thing, And when I was three, my mom and I got away from him. BUT I STILL HAD TO
-But anyways, Once the visits finally stopped *yay* I started drawing alot more *and that's the beginning of that*

When I become obsessed with something *JTHM, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom...* ...I go a little over board *Makin' fancharacters, fanfics, fanart....*. XD *Look at my user name, einstein. >.< lol*

I'm NOT A girly-girl. I'm a tomboy. *DUN DUN DUNNNNN lol* I love drawing, writing, and all of that. *duh* XD
uhhh........I have a pretty short temper.....uhhh...and I can be super annoying...uhm...*noms on popcorn jelly belly* uh...THESE HANDS!!! I CAN'T GET THEM OFF OF MY WRISTS

*AHEM* I collect Pokemon plushies. Yeah. you heard me. A girl collecting Pokemon plushies.
ALMOST every month, I get a 25$ money card *or two, on some months 8D*
And I go nuts on Amazon. XD
-Um. Ill stop here. XDDD

Enjoy mah art
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