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07:52 Tue 12/23/2014
Edit: =3 Thank you for the fave. I hope you are doing well, and best of luck with your classes. Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas.=)

Hello my lovely, not sure if you remember me because I'm under a different name (cba going as "Saft") but *waves*.

You know what's nice about being back? Seeing artists who I used to know improve so much, and you really have since those early years. Your art has and is always amazing, and you've certainly shown such dedication and practice to improve it over the years.

Mint/Saft /whichever.;)

15:01 Fri 6/7/2013

07:33 Sun 11/4/2012
I love the direction your art has been taking lately! Very inspiring work, I hope to see more of it! :D

22:00 Thu 8/16/2012
I am Totally amazed and inspired by your art! Its So unique and cute, Oh my goodness I wish I could draw like you :3
Edit: So there's hope! Haha that's awesome how much you have improved, you should consider a future in art/media stuff ( I don't know the technical term ;) but your very good at it.
Edit: :O Yay!! That's awesome!! you'll do great since your already so talented!

10:12 Sun 4/1/2012
I just really enjoy your style of art. Its surely beautiful! keep drawing! You've inspired me! :-)

21:57 Sun 3/25/2012
Wow. ok. I just looked at one of your first pics and then one of your newest ones. 2005 compared to 2012. Omg. Wow.

12:52 Fri 3/2/2012
it`s...OK :(
BTW:ur arts are cute and ur sona too)

00:22 Sun 1/8/2012
shiloh11 kind of rock my socks off. Just thought you should know.
I hope I get up to your art level of awesomeness some day.


16:05 Sun 5/8/2011
You've improved incredibly since I left.
It's amazing what a few years will do.

13:22 Sat 2/19/2011
i cant believe that i havent said anything to you about winning Aotm!! D=
anyhoo congrats girly!! youre art is amazing and so colorful and flowy, and certainly inspiring to many of us here, and definately me! 8D
its just awesome seeing how far youve progressed and improved in just five little years!! The archive just would not be the same without OrcaLove! enjoy your month cuz you so totally deserve it buddy! Congrats!! <33

EDIT: youre very welcome bud! <3 <3

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