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16:27 Mon 6/8/2009
13:03 Fri 6/5/2009
12:49 Fri 6/5/2009

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yeah i'm new in here and i'm still a little confuse but it will work out with the time i guess

i'm a girl from denmark so please don't be irritated with my english and me xD

i don't have a "tablet" så i just scan my pics and/or color it on computer
i use photofiltre and photoshop CS3 (just got it yesterday)so please be patient with me i just started colorin on the computer xD

06.18 09
for the time bieng i'm working on a picture in photoshop that i hope is soon finished (still not finished i'm one lazy bastard :_D)

18:17 Fri 6/10/2011
Happy Birthday <3

10:00 Tue 6/16/2009
Welcome to the archives! You should change your name because you are something special! I see a -lot- of potentional in your art, you are really good at capturing the uniqueness of characters, and it makes me unendlessly happy to see a full image with a background coloured with pencils! You've got a nice style happening with them. Don't be afraid to be bold with your colours and shading, it will make the characters pop! Your trees in that pic are gorgeous, really nice style. Keep at it, you have a lot of potential.

19:34 Wed 6/10/2009
Welcome to the Archive!
You've got a GREAT Start! Keep it up!

09:08 Sat 6/6/2009
Welcome to the archive! <3
I liked your first pics. ^__^

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