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I'm not crazy active here I'll be honest, but I might be back in the swing of things soon

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Okay this was so old I was embarrassed.

Some crap about me then, I'm out of high school and in art college working on becoming a storyboard artist. Gay af. My art here doesn't really rep me anymore I'm more of a film artist/landscape artist now. Part time waitress living that cliched life rn.

I'm almost never here as I've grown out of this place but tumblr is my main platform now

09:31 Sat 4/12/2014
I am coming by today for a question...
I still owe you two prizes from last year, but since I am stuck for any kind of ideas, I was wondering if you could tell me what you want those two pictures to be :)
sorry for how long it's taken for me to ask this NightWolf100...

09:09 Sun 1/26/2014
Hello :)

Do you have a single lions or other feline characters and you're searching for partners for them? If yes, I have a contest here - 6 my characters (3 lions and 3 lionesses) want to meet their future love :D. If you're interested, check it ;)

11:46 Mon 9/30/2013
Wow, that sounds like an amazing trip you're going on! =D I hope you have a great time! <3
I hope your senior year goes well too, and that you'll have lots of time to draw soon =)

13:25 Wed 9/11/2013
Sup you.

Found this epic post on the interweb! Real life Pokemonz! They are seriously.. like amazing. Thought you might enjoy looking at them C:

at least I thought it was you who liked da pokes O.O

04:11 Thu 7/25/2013
Sun Rei
Hi, I saw your bulletin and I am familiar with sites like the one you posted. However, they aren't specifically targeting artists - what they do is pull images from google search and attach the viruses to them. The best thing is to make sure you don't go and search any artist names there, because once you enter the names, that's what gives them the ability to search google for art and favorites attached to that user name, which is what then brings up the images. The best thing to do is to warn others to stay away from the site and not enter anything in its search fields. There is a way to report the website to the actual host, but I would need to look up the details about it again. Either way, not entering any names is the best thing to prevent more of it happening. :)

06:49 Mon 7/8/2013
hey there, don't suppose you'd like to do an art trade with me, if they're open?

18:24 Fri 7/5/2013
I see you are doing art trades! Do you think you can make me a picture of Scar and Zira in NYC? If you can, that would be great! :)

14:58 Fri 7/5/2013
I saw you are open for trades so I was wondering if you could Ismay for me?

Who would you like me to do for you ? ^^

10:01 Wed 6/26/2013
Hi,can we make a Arte Trade?

06:31 Thu 1/3/2013
Hey, just dropping a line to say I've really enjoyed looking around your gallery, you've got a really nice style. I hope you'll create lots more in the future... ;)

Edit: That's great, I look forward to it! C: And I'll pop over to your dA soon, and have a look around there as well. :D

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