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Hi all artists! welcome to my galery!
if you want to ask me something else, you can! I'll answer all questions.
If you want do Trades or request you can! becuse all are open, but Commisions are closed.
I hope that you like my art!
2017-12-04 09:50:44.0
My sweet Hope.
Daughter of Unknown lions, Sister of Angel and Roland. Aunt of Nux and Georgina
403 x 439
10.263671875 KB
2017-12-03 11:34:53.0
Gia Volcan

She is my fire lioness, born in the Volcanoes. The design belongs to Rainstorm007 but she belongs to me
450 x 503
30.087890625 KB
1 fave
2017-11-29 17:30:55.0
This is Tojo's family. His mate is Ani and theirs cubs are Tifuu, Erik and Zuri.
In my theory, Tifuu and Zuri are sisters. Tifuu tooks her grandmother Dwala's colours of fur, equal to Erik.
Tojo, Zuri and Tifuu belongs to disney
Ani and Erik belongs to me
957 x 823
36.7705078125 KB
2017-11-29 17:28:10.0
"You kill him" 2014 vs. 2017
angel belongs to me
937 x 559
115.2353515625 KB
2017-11-29 17:27:11.0
"You kill him!!!!"

This is a redraw of one drawing I do on 2014.
Angel belongs to me
628 x 481
41.6376953125 KB
2017-11-29 17:25:07.0
Kofi, Jay and Daiana's son
174 x 273
4.2265625 KB
2017-11-29 17:22:41.0
Piru, Mzulia and Kor's son
516 x 488
14.7646484375 KB
2017-11-29 17:21:54.0
Makena, Toty and Safary's sister
377 x 458
10.28515625 KB
2017-11-29 17:20:08.0
Sheli, Tamyla and Layca's best friend.
My cheetah/lynx :3
187 x 286
5.8720703125 KB
2017-11-29 17:19:14.0
Tamyla, Roland's and Lami's daughter.
257 x 420
10.56640625 KB
2017-11-29 17:16:45.0
My maned lioness Layca, She is Malka's daughter
238 x 415
7.4677734375 KB
2017-11-29 17:15:37.0
Headshoot of my lynx Anna
479 x 564
45.6611328125 KB
2017-11-29 17:14:57.0
Fleur <3
607 x 557
34.001953125 KB
2017-11-29 09:43:57.0
Jay, the light of Mufasa in the scar's cubs.

Jay is the one of the many cubs of Scar. But a difference of them, Jay is good and generous. When Simba exile all of Scar's cubs and lionesses, He dicided that Jay will stay in pridelands.
645 x 577
25.96484375 KB
2017-10-29 12:07:40.0
My little pretty boy, Simon!
819 x 452
15.546875 KB
2017-10-29 12:07:00.0
Vinya, Luly's daughter and Nux's real mother
447 x 524
14.4287109375 KB
2017-10-29 12:06:17.0
Paker, Kopa and Juana's son
322 x 526
16.736328125 KB
1 fave
2017-10-29 12:05:34.0
Luly, Vinya's mother and Nux's grandmother
488 x 600
36.03515625 KB
2017-10-29 12:01:52.0
Yuki, Cita's and Arian's sister and Fuli's mother
431 x 526
17.142578125 KB
2017-10-29 12:00:47.0
Jahia, Mahali's daughter
468 x 475
20.279296875 KB
2017-10-29 11:58:18.0
Andres, Tojo's father
(Tojo is Half-brother of Daiana and Vitani, but he loves they as his full sisters)
373 x 571
16.9150390625 KB
2017-10-29 11:56:46.0
Aderon, Sarafina's brother.
546 x 652
29.9453125 KB
2017-10-28 20:04:31.0
My fursona Daiana! <3

I change again her design and her story. As I love vitani and tojo, I chose that my fursona will be their sister. She is twin sister of Vitani, and little sister of Tojo.
She Belongs to me, but Vitani and tojo belongs to Disney
667 x 634
15.6201171875 KB
1 fave
2017-08-23 20:26:44.0
"You'll feel my vengance, I'll return"-Li
Li, The fierest cheetah, was exilied by Simba with Zira and anothers lioness. But She don't go to the outlands, she go to the enemie pride of the pridelands.
Li has a sister, Kuangagalia, who loves her. They parents died by Hyenas. For this, Li protect her sister of everyone enemie.
When Li was exilied, her sister died for hyenas, and She never return.
541 x 485
33.9833984375 KB
2017-08-23 20:11:48.0
In the day, Neytiri loves walk to the savannah.
I'm starting to hate school, there so much exams. After my fifteenth birthday I'm so stressed.
But I'm here alive (I want finnish school), I think that I will draw first all of my characters baefore to draw a groups
600 x 450
27.4658203125 KB
2017-08-22 14:50:02.0
Well I see that ALoP is return! and with it Clara too.
Clara is a memeber of the desert pride

10 EXP
20/20 VIT

806 x 1000
121.4951171875 KB
1 fave
2017-06-16 17:29:52.0
With her

"She... an robot, created by humans. But they left her, because she behaves likes as us... but she is not different... she is one of us..."
The differences makes how we are, but we are one in the world. As is the case of William and Estella, He is a liger and she is a robot created by humans. Dispite that the pride don't like her, William does it.
I hope you like it! Characters belongs to me
618 x 485
43.24609375 KB
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2017-06-04 18:06:42.0
Family day!

Daiana and Jay with Nux (purple lion), Adamas (the sleeping lioness), Cielo (fawny lioness) and the lions cubs under are (in order): Shujaa, Scariana, Takiana, Jesus, Laira, Kofi and Dariar.
Characters belongs to me
967 x 894
71.2138671875 KB
2017-04-10 18:42:21.0
"The Truth"

Full history:

hi! sorry for not upload nothing here. I'm busy by school, and I didn't have time. I'll try that once a week, upload one image here.
Nux, Adanna, Daiana, Jay and Nux's parents belongs to me. Simba, Nala and Vitani (mentioned) belongs to disney

PD: OH MY... I forget part of Adanna's hair XP
627 x 453
33.4384765625 KB
1 fave
2017-04-02 11:24:23.0
Toni's dream

"I'll dream you everynight" -Toni to karibu

Characters belongs to me. (Toni's pose is sarabi's pose, it's belongs to disney)
627 x 453
34.869140625 KB
1 fave
2017-02-22 10:48:35.0
Sally, my felidae leonyx (species by OhThatArelly)

I didn't draw her in times, but I never draw her in full body :o
OhThatArelly design her to me, her design belongs to her.
904 x 708
40.58203125 KB
1 fave
2017-02-21 18:33:32.0
"Makena, Do you think that he will return?
I don't know Safary" -Makena and Safary

Makena and Safary, two sisters in search of their father.
Their mother is dead, and he father went in search of food and never return. They have hope that their father will return for them
654 x 490
24.9453125 KB
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2017-02-21 16:30:41.0
Kila at night, remember all time her daughter that she left alone.
622 x 537
25.0458984375 KB
1 fave
2017-02-21 16:29:58.0
Wingu, the cat lioness of Pridelands
702 x 602
10.1337890625 KB
1 fave
2017-02-21 16:29:28.0
Valia :3
702 x 557
10.3134765625 KB
1 fave
2017-01-22 12:18:29.0
This is the story "the teen mother" how a little young teen lioness become a mother.
In my country and in the world, several teen girls become mothers for culture, tradition or abuse from a familiar, teacher or friend.
Mzulia is a lioness who lives in the Rock pride, in the north of pridelands. when she was a baby, she lost her mother and her father leaves her. the prince of her pride, Kor, fall in love with her but she doesn't like him. In a mistake, she is in pregrant and the father is Kor. she scapes from her pride for to take care of the baby alone.
I adopt both from Bellaswangirl71 on MLKFAA!
800 x 600
323.8310546875 KB
2017-01-20 17:44:23.0
"in a beauty night, a beauty lioness is singing to the moon"

Finished work! Luz Maria under a beautiful night and a cute moon.
Luz Maria is a rouge, she goes from pride to pride. she is shy about love because she suffered in the love by anothers rouges.
I adopt her by Poonie, for this she design her.
(I know, the background is ugly)
800 x 600
334.744140625 KB
2017-01-20 13:36:32.0
542 x 592
14.921875 KB
2017-01-19 16:37:33.0
Rose my flamming stone
I adopt her by Nine on MLKFAA
she belongs to me
702 x 710
61.814453125 KB
2017-01-19 16:35:52.0
My larko sweetheart
the first time I draw her was in 2014, and now here is she
513 x 440
42.57421875 KB
2017-01-19 16:35:01.0
Kimbi, my purple cheetah :3
she belongs to me
804 x 656
41.5224609375 KB
2017-01-19 15:49:25.0
Gift for Goldenheart! :3
Ruuxa and Toty, one of my favorite couples.
Ruuxa belongs to Goldenheart and Toty belongs to me
721 x 572
42.8310546875 KB
1 fave
2017-01-01 15:52:37.0
happy new year to everyone!
they are Star and Tormento, my new couple, but they are old characters
878 x 566
105.873046875 KB
2017-01-01 15:31:18.0
"Merry christmas to all TLKFAA!!!!
the characters that be in the picture are the characters that I adopted o created but I never use them. for this, I say that the christmas' pic will be with all them. they are:
Jahoda (I adopt her from _Kuna_), Inkosi (the blind son of Toty, created), Vinya, Aquafina (Adopted from Natera) and Kuamini ( adopted from teetor).
They belongs to me."
my picture of CHRISTMAS
863 x 717
105.7080078125 KB
2016-11-29 10:54:23.0
Cubd of Daiana and Scar/Taka
Boys: Jesus and Daiar
Girls: Takiana and Scariana

Daiana and Cubs belonsg to me. Scar7Taka belongs to disney
752 x 710
18.0380859375 KB
2016-11-29 10:53:53.0
Another pic of Scar and Daiana <3 and in this Picture I draw my form lion PREGNANT!
Daiana belongs to me and Scar belongs to disney
847 x 702
95.5205078125 KB
2016-11-29 10:52:10.0
In the pridelands, all is clam and quiet. Franco is sleeping in a rock when he hear Bunga's and Kion's voices, He hear that Kion is the new leader of the Lion guard.
Franco: My time to be the leader of the lion guard is gone, alright Mufasa? *see the sky* the new leader is here... it's time *see his mark*
Well I will be more active because I finshed the school.
Franco was the leader of the lion guard when Simba as a cub and adult. He train the lion guard to defend the pridelands (it's just my fan-theory, it's not real)
Franco belongs to me
675 x 535
40.5068359375 KB
2016-09-02 17:08:26.0
If pridelands born in ashes from another kingdom?...

Amadi is the only lion who surrives in the fire of the Asiatc kingdom. He accompanied by anothers animals. they were hungry and tired, until they found a very extrange rock, this rock is very big and have a Cave very deep inside.
Amadi walked to the top of the rock and roared
"my firends, here is our new kingdom, welcome to Pridelands"
I thinked it yesterday, and I decide. Amadi is my verssion of the first King of pridelands
for TLKFAA's contest ;)
711 x 602
51.8955078125 KB
2 faves
2016-09-01 19:24:43.0

"why they don't love me?.."

My aply for the bat lion of Lord sesshomaru! he is so handsome
662 x 484
28.849609375 KB
2016-08-06 22:12:08.0
"She born with Star. Lua called her Night beacuse she born in the midnight while Star born in the evenning." more

Stallion, Night, Moon, Lua, Star belongs to me. Midnight belongs to DottySpottyFan
720 x 566
32.41796875 KB
2016-05-04 13:05:07.0
they are Mungu and Farasi's cubs. Karibu and Kiasi are twins but they are a little differents.

Kiasi is the lioness, she is dreamer and loyal. in really she was the frist on born, before her brother Karibu. she loves play with her grandma Tama.
Karibu is the lion, he is brave and strong. he is the last in born, after his sister Kiasi. he likes very much protect the lands with his grandfather Chumvi and his father Farasi.

They was designed by Tanara on TLKFAA. In really I needed to choose one for be Mungu and Farasi's cub, but I LOVE THE TWO DESIGN! for this I took the design and make twins.

here is the image:

characters belongs to me
632 x 537
11.515625 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2016-05-04 13:04:22.0
in the savannah, Kila get out of the cave and see the moon. she begin to cry and this wake up her son Joute. Joute ran where is his mother and hug her.
Joute: my mom, what happened to you?
Kila: I miss her, I miss Sauti
Joute: *cries* I miss her too, why dad order to you send her away?
Kila: I don't know my son. but I need her in we, she is from here. here is her home
Joute: sister, please forgive us *see the moon* I will find you Sauti
Kila: My Sauti, My daughter, Why I send you away?
well here is Sauti's mother Kila, she is Kovu's twin sister; and Joute, Sauti's brother. Kila and Joute belongs to me.
622 x 537
12.6884765625 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2016-05-04 12:57:02.0
In the morning, Sauti had a nightmare about her mother. But in this nightmare one lion appeared, trying to kill her mother. she try to sleep but is in vain. few minutes after, she get up and go to see the sunrise. Sauti was very sad that her mother is not with she, and remember the words of her mother:
"when you see the sunrise, it's me and when I see the moon rise, it's you"
Sauti: oh mother, I miss you so much... please, tell me what I do?
ohh I'm trying to draw again with digital. For a time I draw only in tradictional but i'm return now.
Sauti belongs to me.
525 x 508
7.3115234375 KB
Color PNG
2016-03-26 13:44:44.0
"Imagine a dark sky, with a littles lights a and full big circle..."

Inkosi was sad beacuse He cna't see the night. Moon (lua's mother) teach him for that he can see the moon but imaginate. the characters belongs to me
705 x 560
73.814453125 KB
Color PNG
2016-01-30 09:53:13.0
here is the finished verssion! Jina Amadi and Nyx! characters belongs to me but the designs belongs to M-WingedLioness and Rami Chan
320 x 240
15.671875 KB
Color JPEG
2016-01-27 19:04:22.0
for while I will draw traditional!

in the image is Jina, Amdi and the little Nyx. Nyx is the lion that I want of Rami chan.
he is Jina and Amadi's adoptive son becuase Jina can't be mother. but he is adopted, he loves his parents so much.

this is a wip of the image, I'll try to upload the finnish version
320 x 240
7.1787109375 KB
Color JPEG
2016-01-16 12:06:06.0
Mungu head: Mungu mean "god" in swahili, she is Tama and one rouge's daughter. she is pacific, lovely, happy, and love run in the savannah. she is Farasi's mate and love
497 x 560
23.193359375 KB
Color PNG
2016-01-16 12:04:50.0
Farasi head: Farasi mean "horse" in swahili, he is Chumvi and Zira's son and Kovu's big brother. He is angry, bad, serious, and romantic with Mungu. He doesn't like Kovu beacuse he will be the future king after Scar.
612 x 671
24.25390625 KB
Color PNG
2016-01-16 12:03:15.0
My two new lions and my new couple.

Farasi mean "horse" in swahili, he is Chumvi and Zira's son and Kovu's big brother. He is angry, bad, serious, and romantic with Mungu. He doesn't like Kovu beacuse he will be the future king after Scar.
Mungu mean "god" in swahili, she is Tama and one rouge's daughter. she is pacific, lovely, happy, and love run in the savannah.

Farasi is the lion that Kayo49 made for me, and Mungu is the lioness that Lia-lioness made.
Characters belongs to me
612 x 671
44.259765625 KB
Color PNG
2016-01-16 12:02:19.0
They are step-sisters, same mother but different father. in really they are Lali and Mercedes, but I change their names. Meredes is now Malaika that mean "angel" in swahili beacuse she is shy, friendly, romantic and loves the animals. Lali is now Vibaya that mean "evil" in swahili beacuse she is angry, seriuos and doesn't like the company, but she protect her little sister for all stupid lions.
Characters belongs to me
608 x 565
121.228515625 KB
Color PNG
2016-01-16 12:01:12.0
The new design and the official design of Daiana. She a mix of the 3rd design+ Sarabi's design. I will change all again, characters's design and stories of them.

"All begins, when one family arrived to the pridelands. they are one lion (Ruben) with one lioness (Mufasari) and their two Children, Daiana and Jay.
All eyes point to Daiana, Simba to see her, he was surprised.
Simba: Sa...mother?
Ruben: she looks equal to sarabi but she...
Rafiki: She is the Rencarnation of Sarabi, I feel in my veins. She had all personality about Sarabi.
Mufasari: is that Sarabi is her grandmother
Simba and all lions in pridelands were in shock, the rencarnation of Sarabi is her grandaughter....

Character belongs to me. the background is from google
1580 x 1200
112.8125 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2016-01-16 11:59:08.0
Flower and her son Arier. Arier is playing with a buterfly, flower think that her son is like she because she when was a cub play with the buterflies.
Flower is a friendship Fennec and Arier is a Cheetah Fennec. Characters belongs to me
720 x 590
12.9609375 KB
Color PNG
2015-12-24 15:34:56.0
I draw Daiana, Arcee and Clara with Santa's hat. Happy merry Christmas and new year to everyone!!!! characters belongs to me
700 x 641
14.7861328125 KB
Color PNG
2015-12-21 09:47:34.0
Adanna is one lioness that arrived from a far way land. there is not much information of her, but she appear when one child need help. This happened with Lua with her step-sister Mkali. They wasn't friends until Adanna help them to becomes good sisters and best friends.
For All cubs that recived her help, she is the Princess Adanna
459 x 523
11.3505859375 KB
Color PNG
2015-12-21 09:46:24.0
Young adult Amadi, I dopt him by M-WingedLioness!
He is Jina's mate, another character that I adopt by Maggie. He was separated of Jina by his father, because he doesn't approve their romance. when he was an young adult, he go to found her to stay with her.

OHH! I'll be more active here because I finshed the school. Maybe I don't upload pictures becuase I'm drawings headshots for my characters, but I will be active for Trades and requests. character belongs to me, design belongs to M-WingedLioness
650 x 574
10.013671875 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-11-07 22:16:33.0
"Cause every time we touch
I get this feeling,
And every time we kiss
I swear I can fly,
Cna't you feel my heart beat fast
I want this to last
Need you by my side
'Cause every time we touch
I feel the static,
And every time we kiss
I reach for the sky,
Can't you hear my heart beat slow
I can't let you go
Want you in my life"

My apply for Amadi by M-WingedLioness. I draw Jina with him as mates (if I got him). Jina belongs to me and the song belongs to Cascada
651 x 590
75.4189453125 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-11-07 22:11:11.0
Cubbie Urana in Pridelands :3 Character belongs to me design belongs to *night* :)
635 x 502
38.9228515625 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-10-23 19:20:10.0
In Argentina, on 18th October was the Mother's day. I draw Mee and Mufasari <3 characters belongs to me
677 x 596
14.0146484375 KB
Color PNG
2015-10-23 19:17:52.0
"You're so beautiful
But that's not why I love you
I'm not sure you know
That the reason I love you
Is you being you
Just you
Yeah, the reason I love you
Is all that we've been through
And that's why I love you"

I draw Tamyla with the lion that cora design to me, they are mates. (can you give me name sugeretions?) characters belongs to me and the song belonsg to avril lavigne
614 x 596
10.1669921875 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-10-03 20:14:56.0
Kuamini head, story is soon
515 x 611
12.8271484375 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-09-30 20:38:45.0
I'm so bored to I do a Ramke of this old picture:
Kaien belongs to Tako and Angel belongs to me
700 x 559
102.33203125 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-09-30 20:37:11.0
Louis, My new character, I draw this after of exam of biology. character belongs to me
640 x 480
38.9287109375 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2015-09-30 20:15:46.0
Kanisa, She is one liones who with her duaghter go to the all prides. she loves the night and the dawn. her duaghter is all of her, when born.
471 x 545
12.3720703125 KB
Color PNG
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2015-09-23 21:11:04.0
Carolina: she is the middle daughter of Diku and Mustafa, between Tama and tojo. She is the pacific lioness in Pridelands, she doesn't have any problems with others lions and animals. Her siblings loves her, and they try to protect her. But she loves the nature, the calm, the pacific, and the nature's sounds.
She is Wakati's mate, he fall in love for her clam and pacific personality. they have three cubs: Basi, Makofi and Anataka
479 x 573
12.7685546875 KB
Color PNG
2015-09-23 21:09:18.0
Trunks: He was live in the North Pride but after the king dead, he go to lives to pridelands with her big sister. they was adopted by Midra, with Miko. His best firend is Miko, that with him, he loves play. He is ladies man, he loves the girls but the girls don't like him. But he fall in love with one tiger called tigris and he try to impress her. he managed her but not only did that, he do that she fall in love too. In this moment, they becomes mates and lovers in the life.
Liger adopt by ALbinoRichie in TLKFAA
479 x 573
10.9033203125 KB
Color PNG
2015-09-23 21:05:33.0
My aply for the Sukala's blue lioness
417 x 534
10.5849609375 KB
Color PNG
2 faves
2015-09-20 20:51:35.0
Magali: she is Vitani and Tojo's first daughter, she born before to Calarisa. One day, she meet Daku crying becuase all says that he is ugly, but Magali don't think that, She think that he is handsome. In this day, Magali fall in love with him, but they are from diferents prides. Daku return to his pride leaves Magali in pridelands
When she wasm an adult, she is hunting until she meet Daku again, she go with him to her pride and they becomes mates. they have a son, Paco. (Daku is owned by Awesomesauce2014)
391 x 468
9.4140625 KB
Color PNG
2015-09-08 20:48:52.0
Aquafina, the Daughter of the sea and Mother of Ocean (by Natera.
I really want her, she is so cute
597 x 556
9.916015625 KB
Color PNG
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2015-09-08 20:46:18.0
in really is Lucy but I change the name.
Tiana is a rouge lioness, she is daughter of one lioness who is dead and one lion rouge that her kill her mother. She is shy and sweet, all lion love her but she don't fall in loe because she will hurt if she is in love. she dream that one strongest lion could protect her.
this lioness I adopt by Emanuelle

Character (c) me
788 x 687
12.900390625 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2015-09-08 20:45:50.0
here is the new family of Daiana:
Agus (mate) Ruben (father) Jay (Brother)
I change my design, Jay's design was created by TheDoctorsBowtie, and I design Ruben a mix of DaianaXjay Design.
Art belongs to me
657 x 561
12.947265625 KB
Color PNG
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