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Hi all artists! welcome to my galery!
if you want to ask me something else, you can! I'll answer all questions.
If you want do Trades or request you can! becuse all are open, but Commisions are closed.
I hope that you like my art!

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Hiiiiiii to all!

My name is Daiana.I'm 13. I'm from Argentina. I love draw big cats and horses because these are my favorite animals.
My fursonas are: Clara, Daiana, Arcee, Luna and Anna.

Sept. 6, 2016

Nov. 11, 2015
hi :3
I wanted to say, you are improving a lot lately Clara, I have been noticing it for a little while.
It's great to see, and I hope you do keep it up ^^

See you around my friend :3

June 28, 2015
Just messaging you in regard of my icon on the TT
- please reapply with a refsheet like i requested
i can't even see the character fully on this picture!
thanks for understanding ;m;

Dec. 7, 2014
December MMD: “Last moon was nice… let us continue for a while.”

While last month was about giving back, December is about giving to each other! From the smallest deeds like sharing food, to the more elaborate, like giving someone new bedding for their sleeping place, any kind of giving is good in December. Find a desert pride member (or an outside pride member) that you don’t usually interact with. Draw your lion giving them a gift, or, draw their lion (a sort of secret santa)! Anything nice will do. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Sept. 11, 2014
cute cute artwork!! :)

Aug. 14, 2014
You won the adoptable lake of fire, congrats!!!

July 5, 2014
Leoni 3
Helo Camila here is the MMD of July:Babysitting the cubs.
Good luck! :D

June 29, 2014
Hey Daiana, I want to thank you for the lovely icon you made for me on TT :) It looks awesome, thank you very much :D

April 11, 2014
roni the lioness
Welcome to TLKFAA Arcee! I'm Roni the lioness but you can call me Roni! Your style in drawing is really cute and I hope you will have fun ^^
*edit* we can do trades if you want (:

April 2, 2014
Hi there! You've requested the sulky lioness icon from me, but I'm afraid your reference doesn't show me the rest of your characters body and i can't find one that does in your gallery :/ would you like me to make up the rest of the body, or do you have a full body picture of her?

Edit: Okay, I'll try to make her cool looking! You have such a cute gallery by the way! I love your original characters! Would you like to do a trade?

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