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2007-12-13 00:38:11.0
A samurai lion named Takeshi. Randomly made.

Sorry I've been gone so long. Long story short, senior year of school so it's tough and I basically fractured my middle finger so it hurts to draw. Been a few months and it still hurts. I hope to post more soon.

FYI: D1 is my actual art name on DA
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2007-04-21 19:26:42.0
Tribal-ish secretary bird.
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2007-04-10 18:46:38.0
Tribal-ish Lion design
838 x 864
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2007-03-28 00:27:02.0
"Just a little, friendly competition."

One of my favorite scenes from Bambi 2 lionized. when ronno stares Bambi down while challenging him. i did Bambi before, but I always kinda see Ronno as an outlander *shrugs*

Please excuse the crappy shading job. It was rushed because I didn't want to leave it as just a blank pencil outline. and I know ronno has a cut on one of his ears. If I recall, it's on the ear you can't see in that picture.
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2007-02-17 03:32:40.0
a night scene. Not sure if it's the same lioness from before. We'll just call it a random lioness for now.
fyi: I got the moon from google XD. I suck at moons and such
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2007-02-16 17:34:03.0
Same lioness with a much more grown up Kovu .... not even sure why the two are in the same pic. I don't even know wwhat's going on. I think she's mocking his reign or somethin making him doubt himself *shrugs* I dunno
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2007-02-16 17:31:46.0
A radom evilish, lioness. Not sure where she came from. She doesn't even have a name .... yet XD oh. she is an outlander lioness, though she doesn't look like it. Her disposition od like a calm Zira of sorts
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2007-01-28 04:12:01.0
First A.D.D., then depression, now obcessive compulsive. My family thinks I'm odd, my academic advisor thinks I'm stupid, and society thinks I don't belong. Why doesn't life stop beating around the bush and just make it clear that I'm crazy?
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2007-01-28 02:18:22.0
Bambi as a lion cub.
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2007-01-28 01:47:54.0
My 1st good elephant. It's a fairly old pic, done this past summer for my grandma. She LOVES elephants and pestered me to do that pic. It was during one of my serious art slumps, though (hence the terrible and lazy coloring job)
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2007-01-04 12:26:18.0
Line art a random cubpeeking out from behind an adult. It's going in that new coloring cave thing.
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2006-12-23 20:14:46.0
A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! ^_^
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2006-11-06 23:35:34.0
Riding ostriches. Fun
Riding tochisaurus ("ostrich lizard"). Not so much.

On-topic this time XD.... sorta.
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2006-11-02 19:15:43.0
I know this is WAAAAAAAAYY off-topic, but I worked really hard on it and wanted to show it off ^^ the full size and full description is here

Edit: 11/8/2008
I'm so terribly sorry maquenda. I saw a glitch posted the comment 4 times and I intended to delete 3 just to get down to the one, but I hit delete once and it got rid of all of them. That was not intended. I'm very very very sorry ><
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2006-10-31 18:51:31.0
Just Dakeryn. I changed him to a caracal. It just fiits him better. no real purpose for this pic. It's more like a reference
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2006-10-20 03:24:34.0
I did an animation ^^. Lol. A really short one, nothin special. Just playing around with image ready and making GIFs.
She's just taking a deep breath and saying "Oh"
that is all XD
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2006-09-15 03:58:16.0
Congrats to Dille for making ARTIST OF THE MONTH!
A rather belated congrats ^^;
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2006-09-04 18:57:37.0
I'm sure everyone knows this by now.

My fursona holding onto a Steve plushie. I feel kinda dark about it. What do you do when you lose a childhood legend?
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2006-07-10 00:52:40.0
#21 Spearow
for the Lilymud pokemon lionization project.
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2006-06-29 04:22:55.0
Vexx being a vicious mean thingy thing. I ADORE this pic. It started as an experiment then turned into a full blown pic. Took 202 mins. It was also done on Oekaki.
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2006-06-29 04:20:29.0
My fursona, Nexxis. I like this one. I'm keeping this one....erm.... unless I change my mind again XD
She's a Large-Spotted Genet.

This was done on the lilymud Oekaki ^^. I was just trying to get back in the groove of things. I made the eyes a bit TOO purple though. O well XD
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2006-06-23 08:02:11.0
"Jilius the Old"

An old lion character of mine. The pic itself may look like crap. I love the drawing, outline, and coloring on the lion. everything elose was added just so it wouldn't look so empty. Even that shading on his body was for the sake of him not standing out TOO much. Anywho, enjoy. Took me about .. uh.. *counts on fingers* 7 hours, just on the corlor and outlining alone. The drawing didn't take quite as long. a lil less than half.

FYI that's not Pride Rock
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2006-06-23 07:58:17.0
"Vexx in the morning"

Well I'm back, sorta. Still recovering from a harsh school year which featured 2 hospital visits and quite a few near nervous breakdowns. Anyway, I managed to do art. Something of mine finally worth posting.

I love my lion. And I changed him .. again. His old form was becoming a pain to draw. Primarily his hair. Oh well. Here he is.
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