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July 29, 2010
You need to sign into the bar along the side, underneath the account sign in to reply and add comments (:
I hope that makes sense. XD Sometimes, if you have changed your name, it wants you to use a past name. At least for me. But the same password.
Anyways, WONDERful art. <3 :D

April 20, 2010
Omg your art is soooooo adorable <3333
Oh and btw, with the commenting and replying stuff, i think your problem MIGHT be that you have to Log in :o Like not sign in but LOG in XD That was my problem when i first got here xDD
Anyway, Your art is absolutely adorable <333

March 30, 2010
Happy Mushroom
i love your pics you use microsoft paint like me were 2 cool for photoshop :P if you ever have any questions about anything dont be shy to ask unless its sumthing stupid like whys the sky blue x]

March 28, 2010
Hey! yey! first comment!
Your art so far is really good :)
I love your anime-ish style ^^
your fursona is cute too. :D
I hope to see more of your art!
*I fav you*
hopefully we can be friends! (if that doesn't sound weird, haha i like making friends on here)

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