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NEWS 10/22/17: Holy COW have I been neglecting this place - I'm sorry! I'm far more active on my FurAffinity page these days, and I've also been working full time as a special education teacher and love every minute of it!

57 fans!! Thank you! I'm flattered that so many of you enjoy my artwork, even if I don't sometimes...;) Also thank you to those who drew me pics and left comments on pics and rock too! It's great to hear from you! </font>

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Updated: Oct. 22, 2017, 11:06 a.m.

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You must have clicked here by accident...but oh well...

If things seem slower now than they used to, that's because I've begun teaching as a preschool teacher here in Ewe Essay. I also live a very active life away from work running to art shows, cons, and multiple things.

I am much more active over at

And I do take commissions!

09:05 Sun 1/26/2014

Hello :)

Do you have a single lions or other feline characters and you're searching for partners for them? If yes, I have a contest here - 6 my characters (3 lions and 3 lionesses) want to meet their future love :D. If you're interested, check it ;)

04:52 Tue 7/9/2013
Wolf 777
Hello Nashida Wolf 777 here :)you have great art keep it up :) can't wait to see more, if you have time come visit my gallery i would love to hear from you, keepup the awesome artwork Nashida :) from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

12:16 Wed 4/17/2013
You have alot of great art so far :D
keep it up

also, im wondering if you'd like to do an art trade with me, if you're busy then i understand.
tell me if you'd be able to do one first then we can work from there :)

edit: well when they open just tell me and we can do one :) (go to my artist profile and leave a comment there if you can i check there each day)

05:15 Fri 8/31/2012
Hey there! Would you be interested in doing an art trade with me?
Sure thing ^^ What would you like me to draw? Could you draw Sip for me? :D

01:41 Fri 8/31/2012
Would you like to do a trade? :3
edit: yeah lets!

16:29 Sun 12/11/2011
Hello Nashida. Sorry for getting the icon you requested done a bit late, but I got it here for you. This link should work, but if not then let me know and I will get you a photobucket link.

19:08 Sat 5/14/2011
Kamakari Malfoy
I just realized you, are using my picture for you as one of the top pictures of your page. I'm honored...and flattered. thank you :)

00:18 Fri 2/25/2011
Thank you for adding me to your favorites, awesome art! :)

19:40 Mon 11/15/2010
hi i was wonderin if we can do an art trade? could do duncan my fursona and and a mate and maybe a cub if you cant do the cub thats ok. duncan is green maned lion you see him better on my page in characters
do you have a easy character for me too draw. ya i did blue sorry if i didnt get purple right sorry i didnt do the any really pretty ones
thank you nashida!
hey sorry i havent uploaded the pic yet Brian hasnt approved it yet sorry!

21:03 Sun 11/14/2010
M3 Daydream
Art trade?? never done it before and it looks rlly fun!

BTW, I luv your gallery! Such cute ideas and pictures! O.o ooo luv it

EDIT: I'd love to do one! How about I do your fursona?

EDIT2: choose whoever!

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