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<center> UPDATE November 30th 2010 </center>

Hai Guyz!!!!

Just wandering for a bit, probably won't add anything new since I don't have a scanner any more, so now this place is just collecting dust. Maybe one day I will do something.


Please give me a hug, it shows that you care and it makes me happy. If you don'e then I will hunt you down and give you a hug myself, or something like that.

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Thank you so much DaphFlamm for the Airey Conga she is so cute. :D

Bye Guyz!!!

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Well I realized that I haven't done this yet and it might be a good idea since some of you probably wonder about me.

Real Name: Danielle
Height: 5'7" or however you do those little marks
Weight (at birth, what you think I will tell you my real weight right now, I really don't know either) 9 pounds 8 oz

No I am not crazy I've just learned to enjoy things easily plus I think I am a 12 year old in a 21 years olds body. Or you can say I'm like Peter Pan who will never grow up or you can say I'm like those toyz R Us commericals. "I don't want to grow up I'm a toyz r us kid"

Any way I currently go to a community college in the city I live in which is Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm trying to get an Assiciate of Arts degree which will hopefully happen this May when I graduate and then go to a four year school for something, I still have no idea what.

I still live with my mom who is always off doing something to keep herself busy, usually its running, hanging out with the singles at church or doing pilates, yeah you heard right. She used to be a surfer and a troublemaker too until she had me I guess that 50 hour labor taught her something. nyah.

Any way I work at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo whic houses the largest and most prolific giraffe herd in the country. Its a small zoo so you know most of the keepers and a few of the docents who always have an interesting story to tell. I have a few friends there but I don't hang out with them as often as I do with my friend Meg who I have been friends with since 10th grade. She loves Star Wars a little too much but thats okay because i think Han Solo is hawt.

Speaking of hawtness if I ever got married i would want a guy with the body of Jeff Corwin and the personality of Steve Irwin. Yeah a nice combo there, hopefully that personality won't get him into any trouble.

Any way I believe i have rambled way too much but i would like to thank my buddies around here
Morphy (wherever you are get your ass back here)
ClearGreenWater(I've known her since 2004 while writing Surviving the Stampede, but never really got to know each other until now how cool is that)
And a load of other people my brain has erased for the next four hours.

So I luv you all buh bye!
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