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Well ... so ... yeah ... 2 years later... Heh. ;D

Anime kinda stole my soul ... that and D&D lol ... Haven't had a lot TLKish enough to upload here. But I do still live! I'm not dead QUITE yet. ;}<P>

<B>I don't take requests</B> (Sorry folks. ^.^ I'm trying to make a living these days. Gotta concentrate on my commissions and my own, neglected, work. Gomen ne! ) And generally don't do trades much these days either... (I'm just a crabby ol' stick in the mud huh? ;} )<P>

<B><I>But</I></B> I *DO* have a web comic! And you can read it for free! It's about geeky stuff, like D&D and the like. Check it out! :)

<CENTER><h2><A HREF="">Geeky Monkeys!!!</A></H2></CENTER>

I'm trying to fix my own website too, so keep eye out for that. Or else, best way to check out what I'm up to these days is Deviantart :) My devid is Nalina (surprise surprise)

Toodles for now. :)


Do NOT take my artwork and edit it and use it on Neopets or anywhere. Do not try it! If you use it on your website I WILL contact your host or ISP and have your account removed. Do not take this threat lightly. I'm very kind and don't put big watermarks on my artwork .. I want you all to enjoy it without them .. ^.^ But don't take advantage of this please! And especially don't take artwork I've done of other people's characters. Thats TWICE the theft then.

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Gosh after tons of procrastinating I've finally decided to try (again! First time was YEARS ago and I couldn't get my picture email right to Brian!) put up some of my older fan art here (instead of hidden in the depths of my website ;} )

My old stuff was pretty gosh-darn awful, but my recent stuff is getting better and better, although I do less and less fan art these days.

Anyhoo ... do enjoy my artwork! (but please don't use any of the pics (at least the non-(c) disney ones) without asking me pleaaaaase? Thankies :) )

June 18th 2005

I live! Its a miracle! lol I finished Algonquin ... and promptly turned to a life of a almost starving artist. ;D Teehee. Been busying my life with conventions, anime, D20 and White Wolf games (generally), and Legend of the Five Rings ccg.

Don't really take requests now (sorry folks -.- ) .. gal's gotta make a living somehow... Gomen ne!


I'm still alive! Sort of. More recent art you can find on deviantart!
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