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Been drawing more offtopic and anthro art on DA recently, mainly due to commissions. I'll upload here when ever I have more Lion King or feral artwork. You can also follow me on my DA account,

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11:30 Sun 6/28/2015
just commenting regarding to your request at the TT~

i can't do your character she is too hard - I have to alter the lineart too much and as i requested - simple charcters only!
welcome to reapply with a character that does fit it though c;

03:29 Fri 5/22/2015
Aren't you the Nala_91 from Impressive Title? :D I remember you ^^ If you're the same one.

EDIT: Awesome! ^^

20:13 Sun 9/30/2012
i just wanted to drop by and say i really like your stuff :) i know a "fave without a comment" can be kinda annoying! :P i really like how you use think brushes for some of your lineart, it really makes it quite dramatic :] you are a wonderful artist! ^^

11:55 Sat 9/24/2011
É dimais esse jogo

13:13 Tue 4/5/2011
Sorry for such an eye rape :/ It was a joke between me and someone else on sketcher. I didn't have the chance to erase the Simba before I left. And btw, it was not graphic at all, or that adult. lol

EDIT: First off, it wasn't a sexual butt plug. It was just the straightener cord plugged in because Simba has enough energy to spare to power electricity. That was the whole joke. Second off, with all the gay characters floating around, and the incest promoted through the relationships with the lions, that's not exactly pg either.

Well, sorry that it offended you and that it wasn't pg. :3 Have a good day. ^^

23:38 Wed 3/9/2011
hi there! its mwo, i just came to pop in and say that im sorry about the similarities between your luim and the one i designed. its crazy uncanny, i took all the colors and the design was inspired from my girl Athena-whom i bought with points on DA...
im currently trying to find the person i adopted the luim out too and am going to ask them to tweak the design colors. =)

once again, sorry, and ill keep ya updated. hope you understand. =D <3

The luim adopt:

EDIT: lol, great minds think alike XD but thank you so much, and she already responded! =D shes going to tweak the design so hopefully itll be worked out soon when ya see the new version. =D

EDIT SQUARED: allrighty! the design has been tweaked and ive approved it, but do you too??

14:17 Sat 1/29/2011
Wolf 777
hey Nala Wolf 777 here but you can call me Wolfie if you want i don't mind :) you have great art keep it up, if you want pop over to my gallery and feel free to comment on my pics i would love to hear from you :) from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

18:15 Tue 9/28/2010
Hey Nala,

I'm sorry I got so mad at you on Sketcher. The swearing was out of line. I realize you think I am stalking you or something, but I really am not. I just want Feral Heart to come out as much as the next FAA'er.
*is trying to make ammends and failing*

15:47 Tue 3/30/2010
"Do not cancel reset unless you have a majority vote from all the artist in sketcher."

I have no clue what in the world you are talking about. I haven't done anything. I haven't even been on here for a while.

Someone likly is using my username on here in the comment box. I have to use a diffent name in order for my Real username to show up.

So it wasn't me that did what ever it is your talking about.

Nice art by the way.

- Kiara (The real one)

08:15 Fri 3/5/2010
beautiful art so far I love how expressive each piece is :) ,also I have a story idea for your hyena on the tt, He is lost from his pack and he searches for them only getting himself in trouble by a large pack of wild dogs, he keeps searching and finds a mate and decide to make a pack of their own, but a group of his old enemies almost kill him and his mate for revenge. Well thats all I've got so far..

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