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Updated: Sept. 18, 2017, 3:18 a.m.

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Umm... I have nothing intelligent to say. I've been a fan of The Lion King since I was a kid, and I joined this site in 2007. I'm currently working on three fan comics and I'm determined to finish them all before retirement age. XD

I hope you enjoy my fan art!

Trades and requests are CLOSED.

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22:47 Mon 2/26/2018
Sukala A.P.
I am Scar and you're Mufasa. Why? Because girl, I am so freaking jealous of your talent. One day, I'll kick you off a cliff and take your place. Then steal your talent in Lion King art and dominate the world! MUHAHAHAHA! >8D

Obviously kidding. :P 'Still was my way to tell you how PERFECT your work is! You are one of my biggest inspirations! And you're as good at storytelling as you are in art! <3

Have a nice day! And beware of Nazi Scars!

13:01 Mon 5/19/2014
Hi Nadra it Chungu I want to ask how you been :3

20:10 Fri 4/25/2014
Happy birthday Nadra i'am a big fan of you! i really love your art so hope you have a excellent birthday :D

18:28 Sun 3/2/2014
Have you thought about doing an updated family tree? Because the last one you did was back in 2009 and doesn't have Nkosi on it, and it gets difficult sometimes to follow who's related to whom in your comic. Either way, I love your comic!

20:15 Tue 11/19/2013
Could you draw a picture of my character
Xelu for me, I'm not that good at drawing on the computer. My picture of him is in my pictures, you can use it as a reference. If you want to draw it could you put it in my art and trade requests? Thanks!
P.S. I love your pictures!

13:45 Tue 11/5/2013
Hello, Nadra!
Do you remember me? I'm LaimAvina from Deviantart and Laim from My Lion King!
I always said you that your arts are amazing and I say it this time too.
You are very talanted!!!

18:12 Sun 10/27/2013
Sukala A.P.
Hi Nad! I'm so happy you're back to TLKFAA! And you upload so many pics this time! I just watch them and then i realise that you improved very much. Can't wait to see more from you, dear. You can check my gallery if you want. I used to draw with Paint but now i draw with GIMP and Photoshop. Your my idol even before i joined. I wuv ur art! :3

19:35 Sat 8/17/2013
nadra I hope you return soon.

15:58 Mon 6/10/2013
Oh my, Nadra, thank you very much for adding me to your favourite artists!
It is a great honor for me!
I love all of your pictures! Your style is so interesting and looks so sweet and alive. And your ideas are so fresh and cool :)
You has always been my favourite artist and when I just started to draw Lion King, I thought that all your characters are canon X3
Thank you again! &#9829;

15:03 Thu 4/25/2013
came by to say happy birthday.
and have a good day :)

also you have great art, but thats just my opinion

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