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Hello all!!! I´m a girl from Germany who loves drawing lions and other big cats. Sometimes my English isn´t very good, but I´ll hope you will understand me ^.^ I´m very lazy at times with new pictures, because I do a lot of things in my free time ( drawing, drawing at numbers, mangas... ). So sometimes it takes a lot of time till I upload new pictures ( hope you will understand^^ ). Last but not least: ENJOY MY ART!!!^^
If you have questions or wanna talk with me feel free to e-mail me, because I won't bite ^.^ XD
I also wanna say THANK YOU to the 506(!!!)*faints* wonderful and amazing people who had me on their favorite artist list!!! Never thought that I would get so many fans^^ Thank you, everybody^^

Look at
for other pictures of me ( mostly anime pictures )

If you wanna take some of my Character or pictures of me for your site or for Roleplaying, please ask me for permission and give me credit, ´cause I hate it when people use my piccies or chars without asking me... Thank You!

Wow, long time no update here, because I haven't felt like doing one...
Sorry that there wasn't that many uploads from me in the past, but somehow I'm getting slower and slower with getting new pics done *sighs* And right now I'm just having that deep depression again and I'm also in some kind of art block, so no new art will come so soon... Just hate it when I'm in that state, because then I do mostly nothing for the whole day... Sometimes I just hate these strange mood swings I have... It's so totally annoying *bah* Really need a job or something else to do so that I can make my life more interesting and stuff *nods nods* But still thanks a lot for all the support from my friends! I don't know where I would be now without you all!!! Thanks so much!!! *huggles you all and then sneaks off*

I also wanna say thank you for all people who left a comment for me, ´cause your comments are very important for me, ´cause it´s my dream to be artist of the month one day. And also thanks so much for pretty gift art! I really enjoy every single piece of art I get ^.^

Art Trades and Requests: closed forever, because they stressed me out and some people just used me as a 'drawing machine' until I had enough and closed those... Hope you understand...
There will be some random surprises and stuff for people, when I will find some time for it *nod nod*

Pretty icons are (c) Astrocat ( was a commission for me ^.^ )

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Time to upload this thingy here^^
Well I´m just a girl who loves the Lion King, Yu Gi Oh and drawing Big Cats. It´s my dream to be AOTM here, but therefore I must improve a lot, I think. I really love drawing pictures for other people, but at the moment I´ve got too many problems at home, so that I closed my trades and requests... Well enough of this sad stuff^^ Well thanks to all my fans and thanks for stopping at my site! Feel free to look around here and enjoy my stuff!!!
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