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<b>Welcome To My World!</b>

Hai there! I'm the artists known as Myazamataz, but you can call me Myaz, and you have somehow found my little corner of the huge TLKFAA. Please have a look around, and don't forget to drop a comment! <3

Also, make yourself familiar with my character Myaz, since she's my fursona and you'll see alot of art with her in it.

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<b>Requests</b> and <b>Commisions</b> are <b><i>CLOSED</i></b> unless I post a bulletin saying otherwise.

Here are some of my <b>Ambitions</b> I hope to achieve whilst on here!

1) Get 10 fans //
2) Get 20 fans //
3) Get 50 fans //
4) Get 50 user comments //
5) Do 50 art trades //
6) Get AoTM! //

I have a youtube also under the name <a href="">Myazamataz</a>;, so please visit there to view my AMV's and Animashes!

Thank you for visiting, please stop by again! <3

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Hai, I'm Myazamataz and that gal over there is my fursona, Myaz. *points*

Heres a bit about me =3

Fave Foods: Fried Shrimp, Noodles, Paella and Cheese
Fave Drinks: Tea and Ginger Beer
Fave Movie: Nightmare On Elm Street, Sweeney Todd and Hallowe'en
Fave Band: Gorillaz
Fave Show: YuGiOh (GX & 5D's) and The Mentalist
Fave Actors: Robert Englund, Johnny Depp and Simon Baker
Fave Characters: Freddy Krueger <3, Sweeney Todd, Mikey Myers, Chazz Princeton and Bakura
Fave Things Ever: Freddy Krueger Doll & Michael Myers teddy <333
Fangirl Of: Freddy Krueger <33, Mikey Myers <33, Jason Voorhees <3, Ghostface <3, Leatherface <3

Now ya know a bit about me and my wierdness =3

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