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My name is Graham. I'm a huge fan off The Lion King and started drawing at the start of 2008. I draw a lot better now than back then. I use normal pencils.

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15:03 Thu 1/28/2010
13:12 Thu 12/3/2009
16:12 Sun 8/16/2009
16:07 Thu 4/16/2009
11:50 Tue 4/7/2009
16:19 Mon 4/6/2009
13:03 Sun 3/29/2009

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April 7, 2009, 9:07 a.m.
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06:19 Sat 1/16/2010
Hi! :D

First off, thanks for telling me about the poster. Cue serious fan-girl spaz attack XD

I didn't realise that you were from Ireland too! I should know things things but I'm thick C:

You've got some really fab art man, keep it up :D Yer on my faves!


18:02 Mon 3/30/2009
Welcome to the Archive! Yay! First comment! You have very nice beginning pictures! I love your Simba in your second pic! Good job and keep it up! Feel free to drop by anytime, I would love to hear from you!


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