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"It's easy to accept what someone tells you as 'right', versus feeling things out. The road more frequently traveled may have a lot less rocks to get stuck in your shoe, but by taking it, you miss out on the adventure."

15:05 Mon 1/19/2015
I simply love your art! I wondered if you might be willing to do an art trade with me? I'm not very good yet, but I am getting better with each picture I do ^^

17:49 Sun 8/25/2013
Sukala A.P.
Hi there! I'm just here to say that your art is amazing and to congrats you on AOTM! You deserved it! ^^

13:15 Tue 8/6/2013
Oh my good graciousness finally my baby has gotten her place of honor among the ranks of Artists of the Month! Gosh Im so happy for you <3 Oh yes, and uhm.. Benedicts mine. You absolutely cant have him, ever. Just.. yeah.

16:23 Sun 8/4/2013
hey congrats on getting Artist of The Month! I just checked out your gallery and you have really amazing art! :) you're going on my favorites list! <3

00:44 Sun 8/4/2013
Ohhhhmigosh your art is amazing! I love our style and I thik your pin up art is especially really cool! :'D
Congrats on artist of the month you absolutely deserve it!!!

21:27 Fri 8/2/2013
Congratulations on being elected for Artist of the Month, Mithril! I have been voting for you since 2005, when I first joined the archive. It is a happy day indeed! Also, I love your tutorials, they are extremely helpful and I am so thankful you decided to make them. I hope to do some art with you one day! Take care and congrats again, you deserve it!

07:43 Fri 8/2/2013
Huh, I thought I already had you in my favourites list =O Better take care of that...

There, much better :P

Keep up the wonderful work! ^^

Edit: I just wanted to say, congrats on becoming AotM! Well deserved! :) And I really enjoyed reading your "speech"!

22:39 Thu 8/1/2013
Miiiiith~ You got whats been long deserved! Congrats on AotM, ill be drawing you a celebratory piece. Im so happy for you :'D

08:55 Wed 7/31/2013
Hi there! You have a really amazing gallery! I love how your art is so well drawn and detailed, its beautiful! You just got yourself a new fan, im now off to look through more of your art! :D

edit: omg congrats on AOTM! You've deserved it for a long time! :D <33

18:01 Mon 7/29/2013
It looks like the picture I made did some good.

I was in awe when a fellow artist told me you had not yet received AOTM. So, I created a pic in my gallery asking ppl to vote for you.

I'm glad you finally got it, you have deserved for longer than I can remember.

congrats, finally XDDDD

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