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Well... I'm an obsessed Lion King fan from Germany and I love to draw. It's my dream to publish my own comics someday.
But I don't care about this as long as I can make me and other people happy with my art^^

17:07 Wed 5/25/2011
Hab dich gefuuuuuuuuunden :la:

12:13 Thu 1/14/2010
Hello Mirri! I saw your page on the Artist page, and I thought I'd come by! I love your art! *faves*
Soul x

12:21 Thu 1/7/2010
Hiya Mirri! Awesome style you have :D
Plez pop by my gallery sometime :D

09:51 Thu 11/26/2009
Heyho! :D
Ich wollt mal fragen aus welcher Ecke von Deutschland du kommst?
Interessierst du dich vielleicht auch für Manga? Vielleicht könnte man sich ja mal auf ner Convention begegnen! :D

19:39 Sun 6/14/2009
Heya Mirri! would u like to do an arttrade? just let me know <3

08:13 Sat 6/13/2009
fantastic art :D cant believe i ant been ere before!! keep up the great work :D

12:09 Tue 4/28/2009
hey wow um i just came across your gallery and i think it is awesome!! you my friend are amazing at drawing

05:33 Sun 2/8/2009
hay nice art!!!
your art is brilliant and stunning
i love how you shade!

i was wondering if you have the time if we could trade?

07:40 Sun 8/17/2008
I did not have you on fav-list!? *slaps self* Now you are :D

10:52 Thu 5/15/2008
Sun Rei
Hey Mirri,

I saw some of your gorgeous art before, but I honestly thought I'd faved you! I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful sketch you did of my fursona! It was such a nice surprise, and I can't stop looking at it! I didn't even realise you knew of me! O.o

Your art is absolutely stunning and I could never get tired of looking through it. Keep up with the amazing artloads!

<3 Sunny

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