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<b>Hey guys, I'm Mickiie from dA, and Mickie-Malka from furAffinity, but you can call me Mickie! </b>I'm back at my original home, where my art originally developed, here! My old account was mickie-malka, you can check it out if you want! ^_^
I love drawing animals, especially big cats, and am infatuated with The Lion King! I have tons of fun theories for the movie I want to draw out, and I can't wait to share them with you! Thanks for stopping by! ^-^ I'll have more art up soon!

<b>Trades:</b> <i>Closed!</i>
<b>Money Commissions:</b> Open! Ask me about prices!
<b>Requests:</b> <i>Closed!</i>
<b>Collabs:</b> Ask me 'bout them, but if you catch me in Sketcher then yes!

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I'm Mickiie from deviantArt, Mickie-Malka from FurAffinity, and my old account here was mickie-malka. I decided to start fresh here, since I miss it here ^^ Call me Mickie! (: I like making new friends, and drawing, so don't be shy, I'm pretty easy to talk to ^^
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