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UpDate!!!!!!!!!! 7/11/2014 @ 6:32 Central Standard Time

Welp....I know it seems like it's been forever, but.....I just haven't had time to do much of anything, but, now since Dayita (my going-to-be- 8 month old, daughter, the 19th of this month) is getting a bit easier to handle, I figured I'd do some stuff, of TLK related circumstances. I just had to leave for a long while cause of all the b.s. with the picture's. For the one's complaining about the picture's, I wasn't saying I was above anyone else or had "Seniority", my point was when BRIAN was Admin, HE didn't MIND some picture's, and obviously whoever is now taken his place, Does. But that's find, I'll find some way to post picture's..... ANYwhooo, It's been a loooooooooooong and tiring time trying to make ends meet and trying to better me and matt's family life (finding house or trying, finding better jobs (HA!), trying to keep food and a roof over our heads, and trying to stay sane....). I wish as a child, my family would have told me the truth about life. That it's hard as Hell, things are usually going get a lot worse before they get a tad better, that most people with try to screw you, in order to better themselves, and life in general is NOT gleeful, it's happy sometime, but mostly just a form of content.... but... that's my bitter side talking (which is starting to become a lot more than just now and then), which has had help getting to where it is, by how i have been treated by others...and their families...... Buuuuut.....I will give a brief list of what has happened and is happening, so fare, in Mi Lions' family life;

1. We had trouble with Social Services, which we were reported to be hoarders and unsanitary. The social worker, that came, was a very nice lady, she came in, looked around the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and she gave us a 'B' (our place isn't perfect, but it's not a pig pen). She couldn't believe someone had even reported us. Though the two I suspected, she said didn't report us, I know they were involved. We never really found out who called them, but I got a good idea.... (my delightful IN-Lawzzzz)

2. We had trouble with Dayita (Day, for short), gaining (what the doctor's saw) as fit weight, the first doc, was concerned for an at-the-time, flat spot, on Day's head, then it was her neck muscles were a little on the weak side, on one side (that's no longer the case. The neck muscle strengthened perfectly). But....after what I considered a rude comment, by this 1st doctor, (if something costs $10, it's not going to work, but now the doctor's cost over $1,000, it is flawless. In referring to my husband buying a baby thermometer for $10, the reading was likely wrong and her's was right, cause HER baby thermometer, cost well over $1,000. ) After that me and my husband decided to transfer to a doctor that was recommended by my families, retired family doctor, that had taken care of my uncle, my mother, from the time they were babies, til adults, and doctored me, til he retired, and I was an adult, but....that, 2nd doctor, by the end of 6 months, had made me feel like a bad mom, and that I had no idea, what I was doing, feeding my child, wise. And was making me see a nutritionist, to basically make sure I was feeding Day, to HER specifications....Soo....before all That crap, we transferred to our 3rd and present doctor, who's probably going to retire himself, too, in a few years (hopefully not too soon). And he is a wonderful doctor. He said Day's weight is perfectly fine, I'm not a bad mom and doing a wonderful job, and he canceled the nutritionist, saying there was absolutely No need for that. And he apologized for our last doctor. (whom, I noticed our last visit with her, she was at least 6 1/2 months or more, pregnant, herself. So the way she was treating me, was probably hormone infused. Which I am told, is unprofessional....)

Now....since Day's weigh is on track, the doc is now concerned for her eye's. Her left eye, is wanting to constantly look inward, towards her nose, and has a hard time looking straight forward, and if she wants to look to her far left, she has to completely turn her head to the left, to compensate for the limited movement, of her left eye. Her right eye's is fine. The doc called it an astigmatism. We are presently treating it with eye patches, to cover the right/strong eye, so the left/weak eye, can get stronger, by being used, and have to exercise. If this doesn't work......the worse case, she will have to have corrective surgery......I'm praying the patches work 100%. As of the last couple day's, the left eye is looking much better. She has to wear a patch, over her eye, at least 4 to 6 hours, a day, for 2 months. Then we go back to see how things have improved.

3. Matt's father has had to have a lung blib removed (nearly the size of a complete lung), in order to save his life. He is recovered and doing very well. His dad says he's never been able to breathe this good, in a long, long time.

4. I have been taken to the hospital, via ambulance, for the worst pain, in my life, for hours and hours and hours. Worse than giving birth to my daughter. The ER staff thought my appendix had burst, and were trying to get as many tests done as possible, and turns out, I had an ovarian cyst the size of a large plum. The doctors told me, since this was the 3rd time, at the ER, with an ovarian cyst, in 3 to 4 years, that if it came back, a 4th time....I would have to have it surgically removed. ....Honestly.... I would have rather given birth, again, than to go through THAT much pain, AGAIN. And I can take pain....but That Pain?...Nope. My mother, grandmother (who called the ambulance), and matt told the EMT's they had never seen me in so much pain, even when giving birth. I was almost screaming, I was in so much pain, and I only moaned loudly, when I near the end of giving birth.

5. Me and matt were denied food stamps, and I was denied Medicaid after I had Day, now we're presently fighting to get our food stamps back. We gave up on getting my Medicaid. We applied 3 times.... today I had to go back to the food stamp office and drop of more papers, proving our income (the 3rd time, sending the SAME PAPERS, they say we've NEVER SENT, and they've NEVER RECEIVED)........stressful stressful stress stress stresssssssssssssssssssss

6. As of yesterday, WIC (Food stamps for mother and baby, til baby is born, than just for baby), likes to dictate what we can buy and can't buy, depending on brand, and what specific ingredient, is in it. To the point, you can't have even a teny weny piece of chicken or rice, mixed in with a veggie... Same with the fruit. It can't be MIXED fruit, it has to be 1 container/jar, containing 1 fruit or 1 veggie. PERIOD. Can't be Mixed veggies or anything of the sort. Only 1. And had to go through 2 batches to sort through, Gerber and...Berry Nut? Cause WIC doesn't support Berry Nut, even though it's 'all natural'...saying it's not nutritionally balanced enough.... ....sighhhh SUCKS Bullets as an adult, I'm just hoping our little Day doesn't have to go through THIS much crap, when she gets our age, as we're going through.... but....i fear that is just major wishful thinking.......-_-

Oh, and we are seriously wanting out of this apartment, cause long story short, it was 3 in morning, i woke to a rock against our bedroom window, heard man and woman yelling, woke matt to check it out, saw silhouette of van parked illegally in front of our dumpster, didn't think anything of it, we went back to bed. Next morning, there was a sheriff there, next to the van. The van had had nearly every window busted out of it, with black oily finger prints all over it. it turned out to be stolen, driven RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR APARTMENT BUILDING, RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR APARTMENT... literally you can out our apartment door, walk down the 3 sets, of 6 stepped stairs, go out the main building door, and walk maybe 20 feet, and you would be standing directly behind said stolen vehicle. ANYway,...since the van had Illinois plates, the sheriff said the owners of the van had literally just moved here, to Springfield, Mo.... I told him it was one heck of a Welcome to Missouri. He laughed. But, we talked for a long while, and he said the crime rate, is only going to get worse, as the city gets bigger and bigger, and more and more people (and some troubled and trouble Making people), come into the city.

Our town of Springfield, Mo, sadly just another Las Angelas.... with the gangs, drugs, and murders/shootings...... back in 2006, I believe was the year, Springfield, was one of the top 3, best places, in the U.S., to raise a, not even a decade has gone by, and now Springfield, is one of the top 6 WORST places, for crime, murder, drugs,......I remember and long so much, for the good ol' day's.... when you could go outside, with friends or by yourself, and play til the street lights came on, and you didn't have to worry about being kidnapped, robbed, or just becoming a random victim of any and all kinds of crime...... THAT was what I so badly wish I could have our little one grow up in.....

i gotta stop now. getting teary...

But this is what's gone on, since the last time, I was here. ....:)

((Hugs to all my fans and friends!!!!))

~Mi Lion and Family~


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