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So, feel free to complain about my work. I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism, and want to be better. Also, if someone wants to do little colaborations where you do the background and I do the character, that'd be awesome, cus I don't have the patience for drawing good backgrounds, though I admire people who do :)

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April 6, 2013
April 6, 2013
April 6, 2013
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March 9, 2013
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So I like the lion king. Think it's cool. Some of my friends are like grow up, but others are like you're super weird, and some are like "woah," thats cool, but you're still super weird. I'm super weird.

March 11, 2013
Nice Gallery :)
Hope to see more drawings from you

March 9, 2013
Hello, just wanted to welcome you to the archive. Love the amount of work you're putting into your images, very vibrant and full of life :) Hope you enjoy your stay.

Feb. 26, 2013
Welcome!! your art looks really cool! and can see you will improve very soon if you keep at what your doing!! remember we love new comers so dont be afraid to ask questions! and also to keep on topic! if you need a friend check me out! always willing to help :)

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