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Thank you for the 32 fans. ^^

Edited 11/12/12

11/12/12: I am SO sorry for lack of updates! I will try my best to be more active here. Also, added YouTube and NND (Nico Nico Douga/ ニコニコ動画) links. Also, will try to clean up things in my gallery.

06/27/12: I can'tbeleive I didn't post a link to my DA page here!
(As a statis update in Artist's Comments) <a href="">Well, this is my Da Gallery.</a> Same User name, just like everywhere else. :P Well, if you want updates, I've been atempting to learn Na'vi and Japanese on my own. (And failing. XD I problobly need Rosetta Stone of something or atleast to keep studing.) Also I need to draw more (in general/ not just TLK) There's my lazyness and also I feel like I'm passing through an art-block. (Does anyone read these things?) Well, not to keep 'ya reading, I shal stop typing. School's been out for over a week. So I *should* be more active. So yeah, bye. :D Also I logged on here today and I have 33 fans. Thank you very much. And to tose who think that this account is dead,no it's not. I'm still lurking.

11/22/11: I just realized... I've been here for over 3 years!

11/04/11: I got a like page on Facebook for my artwork. <a href="">MeerkatQueen's Art</a>

7/20/11: I figured out how to do banners. :P

6/21/11: Doing a major clean - up in my gallery. It really needed it. :P

11/08/10: Last month (Oct 3rd) I saw American Idot on Broadway when Billie Joe was in it as St. Jimmy. That's where my new profile picture is from, it's of me and Billie Joe! =D And yes, that cat picture of a cat is my cat. His name is 'Cat.'

8/17/10: I been busy from Thurs - Sun. On Thursday I went to the Green Day concert. It was so fuckin' awsome. And on Friday through Sunday I went to the Star Trek Convention. It was a lot of fun. ¡Viva la Green Day and Star Trek!

6/06/10: I'm going to be seeing Green Day in August. =D I"m going to be seeing them in conneticut.

5/16/10: Well, I left Artspots and I joined Fanart Central. Will post link later.

5/11/10: WOW! Ima one of the most prolific artists!!! =D I'm at 99th place with 597 pictures.

The Wallpapers are avalible for the following pics:

<a href=""><img src=""; title="Kopa and Vitani's Winter" alt="Kopa and Vitani's Winter" border="0" /></a><br /> <a href=""><img src=""; title="Keira Evening Snow" alt="Keira Evening Snow" border="0" /></a><br /> <a href=""><img src=""; title="I Can Help You" alt="I Can Help You" border="0" /></a><br /> <a href=""><img src=""; title="Keira and a Butterfly" alt="Keira and a Butterfly" border="0" /></a><br /> (Fullscreen moniters only for Keira With Butterfly)
I you are intressted in any of theise wallpapers e-mail me at <a href=""></a>.

3/2/10: Oh, I forgot to say that the power came back yesterdey after school. Dx :)

2/"To lazy to check what day it is"/10: *BAD LANGUAGE WARNING!!!* We we have a fucking power outage and I'm fucking pissed off about it. We just got a power generator and that's the only reason I can go online, but only for a short time. >:(

2/20/10: PLEASE NO ANOTOMY BASHING!!! I get enough of that from this one guy on artspots and I'm ****ing sick of it and it's been geting relly annoying.

1/30/10: OMG WTF I lost a fan?! O_o

1/27/10: I'm now on <a href=""></a

1/5/10: I'm not accepting anymore requests untill I get the ones that I allready have done. I allready have <i>five</i> that I need to do. I'll still do icons though.

1/4/09: New Adoptable on the TT. <a href="">New Ardoptable</a>. I also have up two new icons. Icon one: <a href="">Lion Cub With Butterfly Icon</a>. Icon two: <a href="">Lion Cub Running Icon</a>.

1/2/10: I am reopening Art Trades and Requests. However Commisions are still closed. Then again Commisions were never open anyway. =P

12/28/09: I am closeing Art Trades and Requests for now.

11/16/09: I am redoing <a href="">TLK III: Outcast</a>. I will <i>not</i> delete the old pages though. I will put the old pages in a <a href="">seprate folder</a>.


11/5/09: My one year anaversery here is tomarrow!!! =D

10/20/09: I've deleted some old and unused folders.

9/24/09: Commisions are closed BTW.

9/17/09: Yay, my computer teacher lets me log on the here from school!!! =D


8/31/09: My birthday's on Friday. ... MY BIRTHDAY'S ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! =O =D

8/30/09: I have a <a href="">new adoptable avaleble on the Tradding Tree</a>. :) You can name him whatever you want. You must draw him to get him. Good Luck! :D

8/2/09: I am now taking paint requests. (Requests done in Paint) ;)

7/11/09: The Blink Anamated icon is now avalible on the Trading Tree.
Example: <a href="">;
Blink Anamated Icon Preview With Kopa :) </a>

7/2/09: Uggh, I e-maild Brian twice asking for auto approval and still no responce!!!!! =O

6/14/09: OMG, I cannot how sick and tired of finding artists who post icons by other people in their gallery and never give credit. (And you know who you are! >:C) I'm NOT gonna post names but I am 100% shure that the same as art theiving. And if you're an artist that does this and is reading ar has read this, please be kind and remove those pics from your gallery or at least give full credit to that artist.

6/6/09: Wow 8 months allready?! WOW!!! And yet, I still don't have auto-approval. Does anyone know how to get it?

3/26/09: Sorry for not uploading much lately! But I will be uploading soon and finishing icons for others. If you don't get your icon in the TT (and it has happend before), don't worry, you'll get it through your Art trades section. ;)

Art Trades and Requests are open! Commisions are closed though.
Art Trades:
Pez: Kevu (Haven't started yet)
Canaon Redraw Trades:
Closed, I have to finish these.
titanic: 1. MeerkatQueen and titanic in the stampede with simba then exiled. (Not Started Yet) 2. Simba & Nala with MeerkatQueen and titanic. (Not Started Yet) 3. Simba, MeerkatQueen, and Simba framed for Mufasa's death. (Not Started Yet) 4. Simba, titanic, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and Alex (not yet started)
25Abbie25: New years pic. (not yet started)

Paint Requests:
Closed, I have to finish the other requests I've got.



My Other Art and Video Galleries:

<a href="">YouTube (Known as MeerkatP)</a>

<a href="">&#12491;&#12467;&#12491;&#12467;&#21205;&#30011; (Nico Nico Douga)</a>

<a href="">Me on DA</a>

<a href="">My like page on FaceBook (MeerkatQueen's Art) </a>

<a href="">Me on</a>(abandoned/ Site is dead)

<a href="">My Viper's Wing art. I'm known as Blaze there</a> (abandoned)

*If your a fan of me, I don't mind your visible or invesible. It doesn't matter to me!*
*Please do NOT use my art wothout my permission.*
*When you request me an icon, PLEASE give me a refrence or tell me where I can find one or your icon won't get made.*

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