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HI guys =) im not to new to this place any more but i don't come on much to be honest (well i come on to look at other peoples art everyday but i don't update my account :p) anyway... yeh i love the sight and if you like my art feel free to fav me =D any questions please ask also, ill reply as soon as poss.

Look around, post comments, be inspired ;p

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Idk =D, well im 14 now... i just chose art as my GCSE so i was like... i wana draw some fan art. so i started on a picture of Nala as a child and then it kinda took of from then. I now am into trying new programs and techniques, some fail, some dont.

Many i will at some point post...

At the moment i am just drawing in my free time. not like i have a broken Xbox 360 or anything... -.-

I will try and look at all of your pictures! SO COMMENT <.< if you don't comment how do i know how to look at?

Anyway, im kinda bored of typing about me so.. let my pictures do the talking as you might say! or not <.<
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