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Oct. 13, 2007, 6:02 a.m.
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14:44 Thu 4/17/2014
Hello Masked, remember the icon you requested from me recently, do you want me to upload it as a regular picture since you couldn't receive the icon before it was taken down?
Sorry for bothering you if I have...
anyway, I do notice you have excellent art (as always) and I do say, keep it up ^^

17:39 Fri 3/15/2013
Hi Masked C:

I think it was you who said your geckos eggs were about to hatch, and I wanted to see if they had yet or not :3

22:39 Fri 7/6/2012
Your gallery smells like poopy

23:07 Mon 7/2/2012
ur arts so freaking ugly u fag.

16:16 Sat 10/15/2011
Butterfly Lion
Hey, want to explain why I'm banned from Sketcher? Thanks. :/

15:56 Thu 5/5/2011
hey, i wanted to apologize for being immature and inappropriate on sketcher. i was just being silly with some friends in school, it was 1 or 2 mins before reset and i didnt see anyone working on the pics, i know that doesnt make it right but i really didnt think anyone would knowtice. I just wish you could have spoken to me instead of randomly banning me over a week after it happend, but oh well. this is the first time in 7 years that ive ever been ban from sketcher... do yah think you could catch me a break? :/

08:57 Sat 4/2/2011
Phinia Black
yuss harro there sexymask ۞u۞´
thorr i thout i had u in faves buttt fuuuuu i didn´t arar so i added u now

14:07 Thu 3/31/2011
WOW!!! all of you pictures are so cool!!!^,^

00:16 Tue 11/30/2010
Random Hero
congrats on aotm!!!!!

08:41 Fri 11/19/2010
COngratulations on your AOTM achivement. Looking at your artwork, you defiently deserve it.:)

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