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<b>Trades</b>: Ask.
<b>Commissions</b>: Open!
<b>Collabs</b>: Closed.
<b>Requests</b>: Closed.

<b>ART TRADES!</b>

Art trade status: Closed

If you have an art trade with me, but can't see your name on the list, please say so!
If you see that your name has been removed from the list, it's because I assumed you had forgotten about it. I wont go around reminding people about the trade if they show no interest in it. :3

Do NOT copy my art or anyone elses art.
Art thieves are annoying, and in desperate need of some good old imagination.
You are hurting people.</b>

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Thank you The Black Cat! :D

<p>Feel free to e-mail me or add me to msn if you have any questions. Or if you just simply want to chat. ^^

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This is</a> my DA account.


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Sadly, I'm very unactive here.
I'm not really active anywhere on the internet anymore.

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