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April 12, 2006
Ya, i'm lazy x( I just realised that i haven't started anything on my contest prizes. I will get to that soon enough... >,> I know i haven't been active lately but it's going to get worse, cuz my scanner won't work. Plus i know i haven't been active at lilymud either. I feel like i've lost contact with all my friends here except Stormelle and Ash. But whatever.... that's probably my fault. But i'm gonna try my best to say active around here. Yah bye
Jan 28, 2006
I've been really tired lately and i've had more work than usual so i really only have time to upload on the weekends... and i guess i just don't really want to upload. No im not a "Omfg im gonna be Aotm one day!!" I just put a lot of effort into my art but i still seem unoticed. Maybe it's because it is anime maybe because i suck. Im not asking you to take pity on me this isn't a cry for attention. I just wanted to get taht out

Dec 2, 2005
Ok this is really starting to piss me off. Someone keeps faving and unfaving me. It's really annoying to log in and see 42 fans then the next time 41 fans. It's making me very angry yet also sad

Oct 22, 2005
Im just recovering from my artist block and im going back to drawing cats for a while.
Im currently taking trades if you would like to do 1 with me just ask^^

Oct 7, 2005
Yay for October one of my fave months!!
K well my scanner is still screwed... and im currently working more on anime humans so you might not see me for a while!
But at least im art trade free!! Now i just need to start on meh chibi requests >,>

August 9, 2005
Ok i've decided the winners of my contests:
Please don't be offended if i didn't pick you... i had a real hard time deciding.

But anyways 1st prize goes to... ARUNA TRAMP!!!
2nd goes to LIL' LYON!!
and 3rd goes to SKUNKY!

Chibi Requests:
Kipcha -kipcha
Koai -Saida
Rainbow Fountains -Rainy

You can also find me on DeviantArt... the name is MarikaGirl there!

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