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Joined Jul 6, 2007
First Upload Jul 6, 2007
Latest Upload Jan 5, 2011
Age/Birthday May 26, 1990 (age 27)
Gender Female
Location Canada
Occupation Student
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09:41 Tue 7/10/2007
wow! Excellent art, if I do say so myself! I hope you keep up the good work, Mand! Come in and say hi, sometime!

05:55 Tue 7/10/2007
It's cool you support canon TLK-art ^^
I love your artworks!

13:21 Mon 7/9/2007
Keep up the FANTASTIC work! Keep practising, and you might just become artist of the month! =D
Oh, and feel free to swing by my gallery and leave a couple comments on some of my pics!

08:30 Mon 7/9/2007
you're really good :D

13:02 Sun 7/8/2007
Lily the pink
Hello there...

Welcome to the archive, I hope you enjoy yourself ^^ you have some Lovely artwork's (Keep it going)

Can't wait to see more *add's you to fav's*

08:03 Sun 7/8/2007
WELCOME to the family at TLKFAA
ur wel gd with a pencil i do pencil pictures too.
there my specaility
say hi sometime mabye leave some comments if u want

Simba Kid

22:06 Sat 7/7/2007
great artz, newbie!!!!!!!!!! yer gawnna luv it here @ TLKFAA!!!!!!!

22:05 Fri 7/6/2007
hi there omg i lov ur art, by da way welcome i hope u anjoy urself here, say if ur not doin anythin drop in2 my gallery an say hi sumetime

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