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<b>5-20-2010:</b> 5 years later, I have returned. I've cleaned up my gallery with hopes of finding time to draw again. <br>Gaaaa its been years!!<BR>

Are you a good artist? Hit me up! While I may not have alot of time to draw, I certainly have the money to buy commisions of my characters.<BR>

Thanks to those that have me as a favorite artist!<BR><BR>

<b>Current Status:</b><BR>
Hunting for long lost art supplies!


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Hi! Im Jess. I've been around since May 23, 2001 - so says my character page. I've been around alot longer, since 1997/1998.

Im returning now in 2010! (When I have time to draw.) Having been absent from the fandom since 2003, I have alot to catch up on.

Im active at Solace, and I have cleaned up my gallery to make room for new stuff.

Email me! I buy commissions and do art trades. I might have time for requests, too.
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