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Mahi Mahi

Hey ya'll! I have decided to hop back into the TLK fandom, as I have missed it. :3

Ya'll might know me as the former Mai Tai from Lilymud.

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04:29 Fri 8/5/2011
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<3 Thanks for stopping by! :3

12:25 Wed 9/9/2009
Hey, I have been watching you for a while, I just never comment these days. I just wanted to say I love your art and I can't wait to see more!

07:27 Tue 8/11/2009
HEY GIRL! Its IWUSkittles or Penda from DA! :hug: Glad to see you on here!

13:59 Thu 8/6/2009

11:02 Mon 11/19/2007
Hello there! I've been a fan of yours for a while now, and finally got around to looking at your profile ^^

I'm from Illinois, too! Yay! Love your art, by the way. It's so colorful ^^

16:30 Wed 9/12/2007
Hi Mai Tai! I love your gallery! And I adore the poses you draw the characters in! They look awesome ^.^

16:26 Wed 11/16/2005
Wow! i just love your art, you got this cool style! I added you to my faves!
see yah!

13:09 Mon 10/17/2005
loving the arm Mai Tai. thanks for adding me as one of your fave artists btw :D

keep it up ^_^

00:26 Sat 10/1/2005
You're son is so cute!!! You must be very proud!! You're art is great too!

06:13 Wed 8/17/2005
hi there^^, great art u have in your gallary!!:D and I totally adore your characters:D sooo cool^^, well..bye for now..c ya around:)*huggles*

Update: wannada tell u again^, that i think ur art is adorable!!:D keep it up;)*huggles from meh*

14:16 Fri 5/13/2005
Awesome art!!!!....You should upload that pic you drew for me...It's soooo Sweet!!!...and remember to keep on stalking me!!...XD

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