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Wecome to my ART gallery.
I hope you like my art =))))
I deleted all of old begining ^^
***Sorry For My English! I need practise i English skills is to small T_T***
Requests - closed
Trades - Maybe

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19:07 Sun 6/26/2011
19:05 Sun 6/26/2011
19:02 Sun 6/26/2011
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18:49 Sun 6/26/2011
21:03 Thu 8/27/2009
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Hello everyone!
My name in internet - Maharany
My real name - Anastasiya (Nastya, Staci)
My hobby - painting, making photos, dancing.
Like - animal, computer games, music, anime, Chocolate, TV ;D
Dislikes - School, homework, monkeys, stupid peoples -_-
I live in Latvia. The capital of Latvia is Riga (I'm here lol ;D)
Hope you like my art ^^

19:34 Wed 2/24/2010
i looove your art :D

07:51 Thu 3/19/2009
а я тебя тут спалил) хе-хе)
буду следить за твоими артами

08:20 Sun 12/23/2007
Oh... I have never said it before... You have really nice style! Keep more good works! ))
Вобщем... очень мне нравятся твои работы))) ня))

09:19 Thu 11/1/2007
Hi Maharany! Your art is very nice!
You're a sweet artist :3

16:10 Thu 10/25/2007
Happy Lion
can i request a pic from you?

11:36 Tue 10/23/2007
Hey you!!
Wow I didn't realized you had drawn me some pictures, Thank you very much!!*hugs* =^^=
You should send them to my art trade/request thingie.
(By pressing the "art trade" button next to the pictures in you "Edit picture" section).
So every body can see what cute surprises I got from ya! ;D

And by the way you got really nice art! Keep it up!!

14:52 Fri 10/19/2007
Timba Twotail
Hello there :3 you got some nifty nice art here :3 so, I'll just watch you x3

12:15 Fri 12/22/2006
Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü â àðõèâ! :)

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