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<p><b>Welcome to the gallery of MadKakerlaken (ex-Kujonek_zombi Vitri)!</b></p>
<p><b>ABOUT USING MY ART</b></p>
<p>You <b>cannot</b> use my drawings:
- if they contain characters that not belong to me
- if it's commissioned work (someone paid for this!)
- Facebook, tumblr, etc.
<p><b>I don't allow to copy/recolor/trace my art!</b></p>
You <b>can</b> use my drawings:
- on forums
- on blogs
- on role-plays (you may use pictures of my characters, but you <i>cannot</i> take their designs!)

However, you should credit me - at least do not remove my signature. If you can, please write that I'm the author (MadKakerlaken) and/or give a link to this page. Thanks!

<p>I want to say 'thank-you' to <b>mr. Brian</b> for creating this site and giving me an Auto-approval and for <b>all my 148 fans!</b> I hope to c'ya again here ;)

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Joined Nov 25, 2005
First Upload Nov 28, 2005
Latest Upload Mar 5, 2014
Age/Birthday Feb 6, 1994 (age 25)
Gender Female
Location Wroclaw, Poland
Occupation Student (Veterinary Medicine)
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Website http://madkakerlaken.devian...
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MadKakerlaken, formerly known as Kujonek_zombi Vitri (TLKFAA)/KujonekZombiVitri (dA). A twenty year old girl from Wroc&#322;aw, Poland, obsessed with The Lion King, Rammstein and House M.D.
Is not a furry, but has a (fur)sona named Madness Kakerlaken.

If you want to know more about me, visit my deviantART page or ask me :)

MadKakerlaken's deviantART
MadKakerlaken's tumblr with doodles and sketches
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