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gil "mabatu"

Hi artists.
The imagination is like a weapon.
But this weapon wake the mind.

May be our characters, places and histories can represent the personality, the life of ourselves.

But while, we will follow dreaming and creating characters in a feline universe.

All our the drawings in this universe, represent the friendship, fraternity, honor, love and entertainment that we can imagine.

And we can represent all the feelings in wonderful feline characters that our precious imagination can create.

I´m Gilbert (mabatu), and i like the beauty of the feline species.

i hope we could create a world with our drawings.

A world where all of us could be friends.

well, dear artists, go on make efforts in your drawings, that really are good.

For all, of mabatu.

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My name is gilbert, i like draw my ideas, draw some of my minds.

I like the feline species, and i wish to live together some day, with the wild species.

The lion it´s an excelent page where all of us can show our ideas in beaty drawings.

Mabatu, is a little cub that have to fight with the life and the destiny in order to be an example of love, friendship, wisdom, peace and tenderness for all.
I attempt represent me in mabatu.
I have not a complete idea of mabatu, but i work in he.
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