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Hello people :)

I'm back to TLKFAA. Yes, again xD. But more active I will be on dA.

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Updated: Nov. 26, 2016, 10:01 a.m.

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My name's Patrycja and I come from Poland.

I'm a nice and friendly person, also shy and sensitive. I'm also funny, I like to laugh :D

Since childhood I love to draw animals. Now I'm drawing felines, mainly lions.
My adventure with digital drawing lions began here in 2010. My first username was crazy_feline and my main fursona was Feli then. Two years later I changed my username to FeliTheLioness.
Now my username is M-WingedLioness since now my main fursona is Maggie.

I hope you will like my art ;)

14:20 Sat 12/12/2015
Hey there, I recently adopted Nishita from you but I cant seem to find the picture anywhere, could you help pleasee?

09:17 Sun 5/10/2015
Hello again ^^
just coming by to say happy birthday :D
hope you have a great day :)

edit: One year later XD
anyway, happy birthday again my friend :3 <3
*huggs* ^^

19:26 Tue 7/1/2014
Just letting you know your icon is done. It will only be up for a few more hours though so I just wanted to send a quick reminder just in case you didn't know about it being done.

Edit: Same as above, but only have till Friday. That is when it goes down. :)

00:22 Wed 4/2/2014
Lol oh gosh where do I begin :o
First of all, thank you for adding me as a favorite artist on here AND watching me on DA ^^ that probably made my week lol
Second of all, I LOVE your fursona!! She's sooo cute! :'D i can't wait to finish that icon of her!
Third of all, your art is most definitely worth watching back, you are super talented ^^
Aaand lastly, when are you going to open up commissions on DA again? D: i want some really bad!!

11:26 Sat 3/15/2014
W &#380;yciu bym si&#281; nie domy&#347;li&#322;a, &#380;e ty z Polski jeste&#347; XD

09:24 Sun 2/23/2014
Thank you for adding me to your fave artists! It means a world to me. ^_^
And your drawing rocks, so I'm totally returning the favor.

19:19 Mon 12/30/2013
hi!!! I'm ArceeCub, I'm new in this site. I love your art. can we do to art trade

10:33 Tue 8/20/2013
Hey Feli :)

I saw your bulletin about trading character designs, as you can probably tell I'm interested xD and I have some desings to trade :D
Feel free to pick which one you want and by all means pick more :P

Also! Feel free to make as many changes to the designs as you want :)

- Astra

01:36 Fri 8/2/2013
Hey Feli, You can take as long as you like with your half of the trade, I don't mind waiting :) If you don't feel like drawing it now, that absolutly fine :) I understand <3 I'm sorry you lost all those files :(

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