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Lysander Morrigan

I accept and welcome constructive criticism. All other forms are removed. Remember: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

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I'm thinking of accepting art trades or commissions. I can't garuntee perfection, everyone's characters and tastes are all their own.

However, I'm willing to try my best in the medium you want: Oekaki, Open Canvas, Paintshop/Photoshop, or just plain line art. n.n

To make a request for a comission or art trade, e-mail me with details on what you want, which character you want, a desc of the character (and images for reference if they apply), When you want it by (if it applies) and what you're willing to give me in return (if it's an art trade. For now, comissions will be free till I get my ego up. n.n; )

You can find my e-mail on my profile page. n.n

- Lys

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I'm not new to the world of Lion King Fan Art, however this is the first time I've been here since the new archive was implemented. I hope you enjoy my art. You can also find it, and other art up at the website on my link. :)
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