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Lord Zephyr

Hello and welcome to my gallery! :)

I really hope you enjoy what you see. I love to draw when I get the chance. I love Lion King. I also love mixing my interest of transportation with TLK as well. :) I also like drawing my character Lord Zeyphr as well. :)

Look around and enjoy. :)

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Hello! I am Lord Zeyphr the tiger.

I remember seeing the Lion King around age 5... From then on, Lion King has always held a special place in my heart. And around age 6, I started drawing some fan art... But it got lost over time...

Then, Around age 10 or 11, I found this wonderful place, I then started to upload art of the TLK. However, I put a twist on my art, instead of making the usual (yet awesome) art that was on here, I wanted to do something a little fun, and different! I drew Lion King characters mixed with my favorite things; Bridges, Tunnels, Trains, Freeways, and any modes of transportation. I call it Modern Day Lion King. The reason why I love drawing that stuff is mainly because I have Autism. So that stuff interests me.

Then, around 2014, After a trip to San Diego, I joined the furry fandom and made Lord Zephyr, my fursona. I mixed Scar's design into a tiger design, Because Scar will always be my favorite villain. :)

So Yeah. I guess that is that. I hope you like what You see!

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