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Lord Sesshomaru

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Art trade status:

Adoptee status*:
Kima- Xangi- not yet started
Noaka- Ringreno- not yet started
*NOTE: The above list is so all the artists from whom I've adopted characters know that they're being drawn at least once before somone gets on my case. As well as to let them know that the adoptee has been given a home and a story and is loved.

Peeps I consider buddies:
Audrey Cosmo
Celia-the Outlander
Lunara the Mystic
Kivva Spiritwalker
Lil' Lyon
NoT QuITe noRMaL
If you wanna be friends w/me, just e-mail me, post a comment, or IM me. I'm really pretty approachable and am always eager to make a new friend.

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13:08 Thu 10/8/2015
Hey, I saw your bulletin. Would you like to do a trade? for me you can do my character Tori. I will do whatever you would like &#128518;

22:29 Tue 12/30/2014
Hi... I noticed your phantom of the opera pics. You did great on those. I love lions and big cats who wear cloaks or robes.

If you want... Do you think we could do an art trade?

15:00 Sun 4/21/2013
Hello Lord Sesshomaru. Sorry I got you icon done later then planned. The link below should work fine. Let me know if it doesn't work and I will photobucket the icon for you.

EDIT: Just letting you know I did get this last icon done. But the icon goes down in a few hours. If you want it, make sure to slip over to the trading tree to claim it. :)

15:43 Fri 4/12/2013
Hey ^^, if you'd be interested, would you like to trade with me? (You'll probably be flooded with requests pretty quick, so I'll understand if not ^^,)
Edit: Sure! Hehe, hello again Clopin >:)
Hm....could you do either Kevan ( or Atreus ( or for me? Kevan is pretty quiet while Atreus is a timid-but-determined sort of character.
(Note: Kevan has a black mane; Atreus' markings for his tail can be seen in the second picture-link)
Edit: Hello, just making sure you haven't forgotten the trade. I can wait for quite a while, I just wanted to drop a reminder ^^,
Edit: Take your time, I was just checking in ^_^

11:31 Fri 4/12/2013
hey, i gave you jamil and dogo awhile ago.. and i would like to know if i can have them back? i miss them! lol

edit:awhh.. well you do have 130 characters. but hope you take care of them.. i forgot i gave them away but glad they are together!

21:38 Wed 3/13/2013
Do you want to draw to get nalex or create a backstory

13:40 Thu 2/14/2013
Wanna do a trade??

20:17 Sat 7/28/2012
Hi. I really like your art. Keep doing what you are doing.

02:27 Sat 7/28/2012
Hey, could I do character trade with you? ^^

09:23 Fri 7/27/2012
Well! I saw that you applied for an icon so i clicked on your ref, liked your stuff and found your page ^-^ you said that you like making friends so here i am! :D i just wanted to say i really like your stuffs and i wanted to say hi so "HI!!!"

Edit: hey! I saw your bulletin an I would love to do a char for trade If your still up for one :p

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