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<CENTER><B><I>These Lands belong to Lindi!</CENTER></B></I>

Please be considerate of the fact that, unlike most of you, I do not have the tools necessary to create incredibly amazing digitally enhanced pieces of work, but instead must rely on the Great Kings, and nothing else, to guide my paws.

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoyed making it, and please, come again soon!

<CENTER><I><B> Hakuna Matata! </I></B></CENTER>

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Lindi is a town in southern Tanzania.

I thought that I should choose a name that represents some part of Africa, since it is the spirit of Africa, of Mufasa, and of all the Great Kings that enable me to do the things that I can with a pencil and paper.

My paws are guided by the Great Kings, but my heart belongs to Scar, so for all of you who are expecting a mild mannered female, be forewarned!

My real name is Lindsey, and if you take off the L and rearrange the letters a little bit, you get... (drumroll)...


So, all in all, I'm kind of destined for this whole Disney-Lion King loving lifestyle I've thrown myself into, and to be honest, I wouldn't give any part of it up for the world!

Now that you know my name, I only request that you use it when you are speaking with me about my artwork. I am Lindi when I draw, so remember, okay?

Other than that, there's not much to know about me... I am a Dark Lioness, whose heart belongs to Scar, as I have mentioned before. You figure it out.

=^.^= LINDI
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