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Location Cortona(Tuscany,Italy)
Occupation Sudent at Hotel and Catering school
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Hi guys!
I'm Linda and I'm 16 and I'm from Italy(in Italy there aren't only pizza or spaghetti xD)and I love drawing everything,especially Lion King *_*
I'm a Heavy Metal and Rock music fan,my favourites bands are Metallica,Iron Maiden,Rammestein,AC/DC,Led Zeppelin,Guns n' Roses,Manowar,Dragonforce etc etc...
My favourite film is THE CROW!
I love the character of Eric Draven(interpreted by Brandon Lee :Q_)and the film ROCKS!
Infact,my avatar(and my nickname xD) is inspired from Eric Draven :3
Unfortunately,my avatar is colored with Paint,because I haven't any "artisitc" programms like Photoshop, drawings will be ALL handmade,because:
1-I love handmade drawings,and from this,we see(in my opinion)if the artist is good or not
2-I haven't much time for coloring the drawings with any type of artistic programms...
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