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Lily the pink

May 1st 2018 - Update

As some of may know, in 2011 I fell into a deep depression and stopped doing art. I am slowly regaining my strength of doing art - so please be kind...
Updated: May 1, 2018, 10:29 a.m.
Welcome to my Gallery!

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Hello there, welcome to my gallery!

A little bit about myself....

I LOVE "The Lion Guard." Beautiful animation and cute stories/plot line.

"Lily the pink" is a irish Drinking Song from the Irish Rovers XD

I specialize in cartoon-like drawings of animals and colorful abstract (backgrounds).

14:01 Fri 9/8/2017
Sukala A.P.
Hi! Thank you so much for putting me to your favourite artists list! <333

You have a lovely gallery of great art! I like the style! Keep it up! ;)

20:02 Sun 5/22/2011
Hiya! You have some nice art here! BTW Happy Birthday! :D

18:54 Mon 6/15/2009
Hi Lilly saw your comment you also have some nice art! I would love to do a trade with you I still have spots open and am almost finished with my current trades/and requests. You didn't have to erase your comment as you can see I would have said yes. ;)

03:30 Fri 5/22/2009
Hey! Wanna do a Art Trade? If so, what do you want me to draw?

Edit: Mmm....can you please draw...

Edit: Happy Birthday!

He doesn't have a name yet, but anyway :D His toes are the same colour as his muzzle.

Edit: He has two different coloured eyes, but it's very subtle. They are dark blue(left) and dark green(right)
Thanks! Noel is just about finished, I'll post him ASAP

14:20 Sun 5/10/2009
Celestiania Rhapsodos
Hey! You have such an ADORABLE style!
Thank you for your comment, and I hope to see more soon! *faves*

10:32 Tue 5/5/2009
Shadow Ravenwood
I would love to do an art trade with you! just say what I have to do lol.

EDIT: could you do my character Tan please? thanks I will have yours done asap =)

10:53 Sun 5/3/2009
Hi!! I saw your bulliten, and if you have time, I would love to do an art trade!!
EDIT: I can do that! You can draw any of my characters. I don't care, and I like surprises....

07:51 Sun 5/3/2009
Cool My Fursona Magenta plz

her tail is purple fire and she has no markings on her body but shes kinda thin=]

00:59 Sun 5/3/2009
hi lily the pink, im raja07, and im ne here and since my paint sketcher isn't good at all, i was wondering if u can color or draw my fursona for me.. plzz?? i just want to make a friend here, plz comment me bak if u say yes, thanks so much! 8D

15:18 Sat 5/2/2009
Flying A.ce
Hey i saw your bulitin and rushed over to your gallery to find that i love your art! your style is so amazing!
I would love to get a piece of art from you can i please request a drawing of my character Ace?

thanks so much and keep it up <3 A.ce

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