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Welcome to my humble gallery! I hope you like what you see. Have a look around ;)

<b>Art Comissions:</b> Opening soon...

<b>Art-Trades:</b> Doing limited works and when I'm not loaded with bigger responsibilities.

<b>Requests:</b> For various reasons, I will only do requests for people very dear to me, sorry.
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Hello, name's Leor (short for Leorgathar).

I have been here wandering like a ghost for quite some time, but now I decided to turn myself into an active user (well that also depends on my duties here in my real life, of course). Now where to begin...

I wasn't truly a TLK fan until November 2006, when my love for lions and wildlife took me to watch the movie again and check out TLK related forums. And now I have a special sentiment for this movie, a true masterpiece. It's like all what I believe in is in there. So here I am now, a full fan of The Lion King.

About me... I'm from México, and I started drawing somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16. I used to draw american comic style and manga (poorly), not anymore, but then I started with realistic portraits and now I draw wildlife and TLKish style. I'm a very open person, so if you have any questions or want to know me better, I'm all ears :)

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