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Welcome to my humble gallery! I hope you like what you see. Have a look around ;)

<b>Art Comissions:</b> Opening soon...

<b>Art-Trades:</b> Doing limited works and when I'm not loaded with bigger responsibilities.

<b>Requests:</b> For various reasons, I will only do requests for people very dear to me, sorry.
Updated: July 21, 2016, 6:02 p.m.
Leor's Gallery

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Hello, name's Leor (short for Leorgathar).

I have been here wandering like a ghost for quite some time, but now I decided to turn myself into an active user (well that also depends on my duties here in my real life, of course). Now where to begin...

I wasn't truly a TLK fan until November 2006, when my love for lions and wildlife took me to watch the movie again and check out TLK related forums. And now I have a special sentiment for this movie, a true masterpiece. It's like all what I believe in is in there. So here I am now, a full fan of The Lion King.

About me... I'm from México, and I started drawing somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16. I used to draw american comic style and manga (poorly), not anymore, but then I started with realistic portraits and now I draw wildlife and TLKish style. I'm a very open person, so if you have any questions or want to know me better, I'm all ears :)

Hay alguien que hable español por ahí?

16:47 Sun 1/22/2017
Sukala A.P.
Hey there! Leaving a roar for you!

I have nothing to say about your art, it speaks itself. ;3

I really love your artwork, it brings back the true meaning of this website! Keep up the good work! :D

16:56 Mon 7/25/2016

03:17 Fri 9/13/2013
Hey there! I found youuuu :D

17:38 Wed 6/16/2010
¡Hola! :D
Primero que nada, qué linda galería tienes :3 Y segundo… Vi tu comentario en el dibujo de Juffy, y sí, soy mexicana ^^

12:05 Thu 2/18/2010
King Simba
Heya Leor! Just thought I'd drop by your gallery. I keep forgetting you're on here too... xP

Love what I can see here so far. I agree with Audra, you're actually really talented. ;) You should upload more often, although I understand life commitments and stuff kinda come first. Keep up the good work! ^^ *watches*

Btw, how about doing an art trade sometime? Let me know and we'll sort something. :)

-Tara (KS)

EDIT: Np. ^^ I'll be available to start an art trade pretty much anytime, so long as it's not during my trip to Mexico, hehe. Best of luck in your exams.

P.S. I love you <3

10:12 Sun 7/5/2009
the storyteller
Hola!!!! Sólo paseaba por aquí y me dije....visitaré la galería del buen Leor :D
Espero que estés bien.
Tienes muy buenos trabajos por aquí!!

06:43 Sat 4/11/2009
Hi Leor! Thank you so much for the comment and the fave ^^
You have great art yourself! Your latest pic has so warm colors it makes me really happy inside ^__^
Keep up your great work!

22:13 Sun 12/7/2008
wow!! paisano dibujas increible!!!
espero ver mas dibujos tuyos por aqui.

estas en mis *fav*

03:13 Mon 9/22/2008
Hey Leor! I found your gallery through Lea, hehe. You are really talented! Your realistic drawings are absolutely beautiful and amazing, and even your drawings in TLK style look really great. Keep up the great work!

02:19 Fri 9/5/2008
*pokes* Ellooooo :D

Well, after a squizz around your gallery I've come to the conclusion that your art and your awesome self must be faved, yuppers. It's really great! Nice style ;) Hopefully catch ya in IT or maybe we can trade sometime when uni's not full-on for me XD

~ Loui :D

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