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Hi! You can call me Leki, Alekion, or Blue. I hate my real name and therefore none of you are allowed to know it :D
TLK is my favorite Disney movie. PERIOD. TLK 2 is up there as well! I wasn't fond of the third installment...mainly because it should have been called something Timon's Story or something...meh, oh well...
Anywho! I'm a very strange person! I like many different things, too many to even begin to I wont. Feel free to chat with me, though it may be hard to get a hold of me via e-mail or IM as I'm barely ever on them anymore...
I'm 19, female, and live in Michigan in the U.S.A. It's cold here...and there are no jobs! BUT! I love drawing, always have. I know I'm not the greatest, but I don't think I'm *too* bad if I do say so :3
Dun be flirtin' with meh though! I be taken! Haha, friends for 6 years and suddenly dating...but it's fun, and nice for a change ^__^
Meow! My favorite animals are...Wolves! Hah, not what you were expecting? Get over it :P I love drawing wolves, so if you see anything Balto-ish looking after a while...yeah, I go through phases.
I made a lioness! Her name? Leki! I first drew her as a cub, just because I felt like drawing a lion...THEN I -HAD- to draw her as an adult. Stargazing perhaps? Oh well...Oops! Back on track! I drew her with Ni!! So cute...Not the best, but cute nonetheless ^__^
If you want to color my work all fancy-like like I see some of the art around here, PLEASE DO! I'd love to see my art become something beautiful like that! Just give me the credit for the base and it's all good. Oh oh! And I want to see it! You must give me a copy if you color them! I rambling yet? happens a lot when I'm typing...oh well! Guess I'll edit this later haha! XD
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